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Premium Travel Visa of Mauritius – Let Us Decode it!

Mauritius - Covid safe

There is no denying the fact that life isn’t the same what it used to be an year ago. The pandemic has not only stirred our hearts and soul with panic & stress, taught us many lessons for a lifetime but it has also compelled us to make lifestyle changes. Many industries fell flat and travel and tourism is the worst affected, such that the blow is expected to last a couple of years. But as they say, ‘adapting with time’ is the best one can do and must do. Many countries and tourism boards are trying their best to come up with safer options for travellers. As health and hygiene have taken the lead, slow, long travels and uninterrupted stays will be the game changers for the industry. Keeping in mind the new needs of travellers, Mauritius, one of the first islands to be declared Covid free has come up with premium visa and I had the privilege to know all about it through an online event. Let me decode the Premium Travel Visa of Mauritius for the travellers who love long holidays, remote workers who wish to move to new destination for work/business, parents whose children are studying there as well as for the retirees who wish to start afresh.

All New Premium Travel Visa of Mauritius allows you hassle free long stays!

The visa is long term and allows visitors to spend a period of one year on the island.

If you have ever wanted to shift to another country or an island destination (paradise) for an year, this is your chance.

Who wouldn’t want to work remotely from Mauritius? If the digital nomads can work out the expenses and afford a living there, this is one glorious opportunity in my view.

Isn’t it a great chance for the retirees to take a break from the pandemic stress and opt for an adventurous, happy, green and breezy life on a beach island?

The best part about the visa is that one really doesn’t need to return home after an year. If you have found your calling in the paradise, the visa is easily extendable for further stay.

I have visited Mauritius a couple of years ago and I can vouch for it that it is a great location for holidaying, staying or more. Now, it has also proved itself as a Covid-safe destination as well.

The idea and the motive behind this year long visa is to drive the economy but it is also to welcome those who are looking for a change of location. And of course to be able to take advantage of this, you must have enough to cover for your expenses, health and travel insurance.

All kinds of help and concierge services are available on arrival. Also, a 14 days quarantine would be required.

The island also promises unparalleled support to help the travellers and retirees settle in.

Are there any qualification rules for this visa? Can anyone apply? Well not everyone. This is not like going for a job hunt. It is important that you have one source of income outside Mauritius.

The visa is for non-citizens from countries listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Passport Regulations for the island.

The processing time for the visa is 48 hours or at max 3 working days. Everything takes place online.

One only needs pre-flight booking to apply for it. Next, you must sort your accommodation. Before flying, you just need to take the RT PCR test.

Visit the site for more details!

My Memories of Mauritius

Some of the first things that remind me of Mauritius are its good vibes, great weather, beautiful sunsets, silky sand beaches, turquoise water, pristine beauty, nature parks, tropical lagoons, the lush greens, coconut water, Palm heart salad, fresh sea food, spa, wellness, warmth and friendliness of the island.

I can’t wait for a very long holiday! How about you?

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