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My Blogging Milestone – Excited to Publish 1001th Blog Post

Blogging Milestone

On 16th December 2020, I reached a blogging milestone and published my 1000th blog post. I was chuffed to the core. I am extremely proud to have used this platform to share my powerful thoughts and hone my writing skills. Amid all the chaos and uncertainties of the year, one thing that has really stood by me and helped keep my calm has been my blog. I am grateful that it always heard me and let me speak my heart. It has been the most dependable friend in my life. I am genuinely grateful that my blog turned me into a traveller, writer and eventually an author but most importantly it empowered me with the believe that blogging can definitely take you to places. I visited several countries & cities, attended gala events, participated in international tourism meets, travelled to starry places, ate exotic food, met some of the most amazing people, and learned so much about life, through this blog. It truly unlocked the world of opportunities for me.

Blogging Milestone
This is 1001th post!!

Blogging Milestone – From 1 to 1001

Its hard to recall what I had in my mind when I published my first post in the year 2008 on another platform but I am sure I had not planned it this far. I had no thought that blogging would become an indispensable part of my life. As I look back, the beautiful journey begins to play before my eyes. The early posts were mostly personal and about my interests in books, food and things that irked me. Gradually, I began to participate in blogging contests and won a couple of them too. That was the most creative phase of my blog. But eventually I discovered my niche. Some of the most unexpected things happened over time and the universe conspired to make me a travel blogger.

The main motive behind starting a blog was that I loved writing and I wanted people to read me. I had no clue how to contribute for newspapers and magazines. Thus, blogging became my stepping stone. I did not lose my focus and continued looking for writing avenues. Over the years, while I have collaborated with more than 100 brands, I have also been published in several inflight magazines, esteemed newspapers, popular online portals. I have even written travel scripts for podcasts. Overall, it has been very satisfying to do just what I wanted to do.

As I sat down to write my 1000th post, I couldn’t believe that it was happening. I had thousand emotions and I wanted to blog about many things but then I decided to keep it a regular travel post because that is what I feel strongly about. Hence, I wrote about the city of Budapest, one of the places that I travelled to in 2019 and totally fell in love with – Raising a toast to the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary

Author of Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope
1000th post had to be a travel post!

Old Posts and a Little Bit of advice for bloggers

I am proud of everything that I have written. I have grown and improved with time. I have churned several fabulous posts and some cringe-worthy ones too. I have published post in hurry, with errors and later rectified them as well. That feeling of pushing the submit button always gives me a high. There have been many ups and downs in this eventful journey but I have been consistent with my blogs. I enjoy blogging. Rather I am addicted to blogging. Brands have wanted me to work on my SEO angle, they have advised me to buy followers on Instagram, some have asked me to make videos. Some have even told me that “no one reads lengthy blogs.” Honestly, I have never cared. I have tried to take in their advices, learn more about things that I did not know but have not been bothered with what others are doing. Doing my own thing has always been the most important thing for me. I have always done what I wanted to do. And I knew it was working for me. The journey has been immensely satisfying. I became a Kindle author this year and I want to write many more books. Do check out Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope.

Blogging has been a riot of emotions. Its has been lots of fun. It has taken in lot of hard work to continue it going but it’s been unimaginably liberating. If you have a blog or wish to open one, I would only give you one advise, ‘Go for it and keep going, keep blogging.’

Grateful Note!

I am extremely grateful to everyone who has passed by, read, commented and contributed to my blog. Each one of you is important for me. The blog makes me feel real, grounded and genuinely connected in this hyper-connected world. I promise to keep inspiring. There are many more blogging milestones to accomplish. PENDOWN has always been about relentless writing and it will continue to be such.

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