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My First Travel Podcast Series with Saregama Music

Planning a trip to Bali

My first travel podcast has finally released and I am really very excited about it. This almost feels like adding a new feather in my cap. I can say that I have become more versatile as a story-teller. I always wanted to inspire more and more people to travel and see the world and I think I have got another way of doing it, in addition to my blog. For the first time, I am doing something in Hindi format (not the one laced with jargon but more in the daily communicative style). I am still too scared to dabble with videos but I am glad I have begun with a travel podcast. This is an attempt to reach out to a different and wider audience. And the best part is that I am not alone. I have a lovely voice of Abhimanyu Kak and a much-loved musical brand, Saregama backing me up. You wanna hear it out how, click the link below.

Travel Blogs to Travel Podcast

10 years ago. I started blogging as a hobby. It was never meant to be a profession. But as they say, never say no to anything. It has been four years that I have quit my job and the only thing that has been a constant in these years is my blog. Blogging has come to be a like a habit that I can’t do without. The very first thing that I think of when I wake up in the morning (my family knows it) is my blog. It is really very special to me, because every feeling, ever view, ever word put in here is mine. Well, it calls for long and tiresome efforts but leads to an overwhelming journey. Today, I really can’t imagine my life without churning out words.

Travel Blogging

It has literally changed my life for the good, for the better and for the best. It has helped me hone my writing skills and now I happily write for print media too. So when I got a chance to write something different, I wanted to make the best of it. Initially, I was not sure what Saregama Music needed from me but all I knew was that I had to create a travel script which had to be an easy-to-do and personalized experience for everyone who is looking forward to visiting that place. I did my best and the podcast has come out well. I am getting constructive feedback from friends and family which I will use to improvise in my next scripts. Yes, there is lots to come. Keep hearing.

What are podcasts?

You just heard one above. They are audio files which can be heard anywhere. You may stream them live or download them on your computer. Writing blogs is way too personal and you may or may not include all information but travel scripts can be challenging. They involve personal experience as well as lots of research. Its important to give out the best and useful to the people who are investing time in hearing you. One really can’t miss out on important places.

Travel Podcast – BALI

Bali holds a very special place in my heart because this was my first international trip. And I totally love the vibes of the place. If you do not understand Hindi, I am sure the podcast will not be very useful for you. But you can always read an introduction below and my blogs on Bali.

BALI – It is not without a reason that people say that Bali aka Pulau Dewata is the island of Deities. There are more temples than houses in the island and some of its gorgeous and lavish houses can easily be mistaken for temples. It is a picture perfect destination that bestows the love of sun, sand, surf, beaches, temples, rice terraces, great food, art, culture, friendly people and more. It is among few touristy places in the world which gives you more than you may be seeking. From the vibrancy of the cultural hub of Ubud to the blissful peacefulness of Sanur to the intoxicating vibes of Kuta, this island is therapeutic like its world famous massages. Without doubt, Bali is beautiful. Its culture is unique. Its temples are picturesque. Just go there and you will see what I mean or read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love first.

Happy Listening! Happy Travelling!

9 thoughts on “My First Travel Podcast Series with Saregama Music

  1. Kudos to you for your very first podcast. It’s a great transition. I loved it and found it very informative. Looking forward to more of them.

  2. Congratulations!!! Indeed a new feather added on your cap! So happy to see the desi format of travel sharing!
    I’m hoping to visit Bali and other eastern countries in a couple of years and I will need your help in creating my itinerary!
    In the mean time, looking forward for your upcoming podcasts!

  3. Congratulations on your podcast! I love podcasts as does my 7 year old, we listen to them all the time. Travel podcasts are the best, good for you for inspiring people to travel and see the world!

  4. Congratulations on your podcast! The audience reach is wide and I’ve found podcasting to be a lot of fun as well. It was interesting to hear about speak about Bali. I have several friends who have gone, but I haven’t myself. I will use the information you provided to help build an itinerary.

  5. Many congratulations. Doing travel podcasts is indeed an achievement. And the fact that this is in Hindi makes it so relevant to our audience in India. This is a great way to reach the masses about travel. I would love to do some in the future. Bali is one of my favorites and I love the narrative.

  6. Wow! This is a great podcast! Congratulations to you! I was not aware of Saregama Music before but now I do. I lvoe your podcast. It was fun and engaging. It was not boring! Cool! I hope to see more podcasts from you.

  7. Wow! this is a great initiative by SaReGaMa and indeed a feather in your cap. The voice is really soothing but your words are what helps paint the picture. Keep it up!

  8. Congratulations on taking this next step. Podcasts are so popular now that it opens a new audience to your talents. Storytelling orally is different than in writing but you transitioned magnificently. It’s amazing how travel blogging takes over our lives with the joy.

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