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Celebrating Super Initiatives That Are Changing The Face of Delhi-NCR

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I am Celebrating Super Initiatives.  Join Me!! I am writing this for blogging contest, organized by Vodafone India.

I am sure everyone who blogged for it will agree that it gave us a chance to sit down, google about the good initiatives, talk to people, discover and read about some of the most amazing reforms or other changes that have been taking place in the capital, New Delhi and its neighborhood for our betterment. The task of listing down the positive efforts actually compelled us to look around for the positive.

Honestly, we are experts in blame game. The moment we sit down together, we crib about how unsafe the capital has become or how smog is killing us or how Government is doing nothing for us. We do scroll down the newspaper but sadly we notice the gossips more than the initiatives for our betterment. Look at the infrastructural evolution that we have gone through in the last decade but do we really care about appreciating the good that has been happening around except partying at a newly opened restaurant and flaunting a check-in on Facebook.  (Not to blame anyone, I do that too.)

Delhi-NCR has seen an amazing change in the last decade!!

All that I have mentioned below has made someone or the other’s life very comfortable. There were so many things that I learned about. There were others that have not had a direct impact on my life but I ensured that I asked my friends about it.

  • 1.The wonderful end to end connectivity of Delhi Metro and the rapid work that is taking place to add more stations. 6 year ago, when I got married in Faridabad, I would often miss the convenience of travelling by metro. Ever since the metro line has been extended and has come to Faridabad, I have been moving around like a pro. Most parts of Delhi-NCR look accessible. Delhi Metro has been given the title of green Metro. We are first to bag it. 
  • 2. I was also super happy to read that DMRC is not just adding stations along the ring road but also a lot of precision engineering is being applied. The subways, the pedestrian linkages are providing accessibility to not only to the stations but also the Ring Road or the main roads. This adds to the convenience and enhances the experience of the daily commuters.
  • 3.Scrapping of the Management quota, no interviews for admission and change in the admission procedures  in the admission process in Delhi schools has literally cut down stress for thousand of parents.


  • 4. The idea of Mohalla clinics is game changer and a great initiative for sure. The mohalla (neighbourhood) clinics have been created to look into the simple ailments of the locals. This has really been helpful for those in need for free health care a clinic in the radius of 5 kms. My maid in my parents family frequently uses Mohalla clinic around Nanakpura in New Delhi. 
  • 5. My commute between Gurgaon and Faridabad became much-much easier and hassle free. Thanks to the Gurgaon-Faridabad Expressway Toll Plaza which started running in 2012. In the same line, dismantling of the Gurgaon expressway toll plaza, brought relief to over three lakh commuters. A 

World leaders like former UN secretary general Kofi Annan and former WHO director general Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland have praised the Mohalla Clinic project. They have applauded it and have also mentioned that it is the need of the hour and it must be taken seriously. 


  • 6.Installation of CCTV cameras in 200 DTC buses. This is preliminary to installation of CCTV cameras in 6,350 city buses. Homework phase is on.
  • 7. The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has started additional night buses.
  • 8.The Odd-Even scheme of keeping some cars away from the road and improving the Delhi air seemed a commendable effort.
  • 9. The amazing number of start ups that have sprung up in Delhi NCR. From the food delivery apps to house cleaning facilities to locating toilets on phone. New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has partnered with Google to help locate toilets in Delhi-NCR. This is such an important and basic need. 

5,000 community toilets and more have been geo tagged on Google Maps in Delhi. NDMC Mobile App — NDMC311 can be used to locate toilets in NDMC region. 

  • 10.I am a hard core traveler and I must say I am extremely fond of the city’s International Airport. The Domestic Airport is also good. I only wish if the washrooms were kept as clean as the International one.
  • 11. Centre for World Universities Rankings (CWUR) listed down 500 best colleges all over the world. We did not fare too well on the list as whole but the top most position was earned by University of Delhi (DU). Good education definitely enables you to do something concrete and live a super life!
  • 12. Closure of the Badarpur thermal power plant and the banning of Diesel Gensets at Malls, Wedding Halls and Societies in Delhi is a commendable effort to improve the quality of air that we breathe. In the long run, it will
  • 13. The ban of sale of fireworks in Delhi was a great attempt to make Delhi smoke free. Though people did not support it completely, yet I felt a restricted usage this year. 

2017 is the year of the ‘4G WiFi household’. Delhi was excited and blessed to get its first public Wi-Fi at Connaught Place

  • 14. The possession of plastic bags less than 50 microns calls for a fine of Rs. 5000. This has been imposed by National Green Tribunal (NGT). This is an absolutely positive effort made towards the betterment of our environment. The prohibition is not being implemented on war footing but I am glad people are being made aware. No plastic bags are available at Mother Diary.

  • 15. Hindu College in collaboration with LED Safari are working on a project called Orja which aims at using unique solar LEDs. This sets a perfect example of using technology for harnessing the energy from replenish able energy sources. Another lovely thing about this project is that the making of these LEDs has given employment to young graduate students and women of slum areas of some part of Delhi. 
  • 16. Up-gradation of government schools is a well thought of initiative. Education is the way to a brighter future. 30 government school up gradation project is in full swing.
  • 17. Shuttl- An initiative to help office goers from one route to another in Delhi -NCR. 450 air conditioned buses have given a cheaper and convenient alternative to office goers. My husband uses it from Faridabad to Gurgaon on the days when he doesn’t want to drive down. It helps to reduce cars on the road also. 
  • 18. The beautiful art work that has been taking place in Delhi. Lodhi Road and the area around AIIMS roundabout, Moolchand flyover is eye-catching. This is a nice initiative as it enhances our position as a tourist destination. Travel is my forte and I would love to see Delhi welcome huge number of tourists every year. 
  • 19. I would definitely want to mention how Delhi came together to take a stand with Anna Hazare when he started a anti corruption movement. The capital has been privileged to see such initiatives. I wish it would garner more strength. 
  • 20. And we can’t let this post end until we talk about these super initiatives of Vodafone. Personally, I am impressed to know the below.  I am a telecom engineer and I have  dealt with the KPIs of 2G and 3G. I have been a Vodafone loyal for years and from my own experience, it promises a good network on Delhi and I like its services. 
#CelebratingSuper, Vodafone. Delhi,
Some super and amazing initiatives taken by Vodafone for betterment of Delhi.

Of all that has been said above, I would thank the people concerned for making things happen but a lot has to be done. We need a safe city, we need basic facilities, clean loos, less pollution and more. 

This blog has been written for a blogging contest organized by Vodafone India. 

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