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Sunset in Colombo and My First Evening Around Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

What to do in Colombo



This is about my first day in Sri Lanka, precisely about my first walk in the capital city of Colombo and I was excited like a kid. We arrived early, checked in our Airbnb apartment by 12 noon and surrendered to a small nap too. I wanted to explore the city right from the word go but our bodies needed rest. It had been a late night flight from Delhi to Chennai followed by another one from Chennai to Colombo in the wee hours of the day. Also, the weather in the afternoon was hot and humid in the month of December. But by 4 in the afternoon, we were up, awake, fresh and impatient to head out. First we wanted to grab a small bite and then take a walk in the neighborhood. Of course, I did not want to miss out the sunset by the Marine road (Colombo Plan Road) in Sri Lanka. 


While I was chalking out my Sri Lankan itinerary, a lot of people had suggested that Colombo was like any other metropolis and we really dint need to stay there. However, I was not convinced and had a different opinion. For me, it was important to start with the capital. I am glad I followed my instinct. The Sri Lankan capital definitely demands 2-3 days to discover its buzz, history, culture, culinary and pretty indulgences. 




Sri lanka, Colombo
The first temple that was very close to my Airbnb stay.


Buddhism in Colombo
As I went closer!


We had hardly walked for like 10 minutes in search of a eatery, when my eyes fell on a narrow street which ended on a small temple under a huge banyan tree. As we went closer, we realized what seemed small was a big Buddhist temple. I tried finding some information about it but there was no one around. The information board spoke in a different language, maybe Sinhalese.


We kept using Google Maps and I remember reading sign boards which read Manning Place and then RamaKrishna road. We kept taking right and hit upon the Informatics Institute of technology. The aim was to reach the Colombo Marine Drive Road now known as Colombo Plan Road.  Actually I wanted to go till Mount Lavinia beach but we ended up walking till the beach somewhere near the Dehiwala canal.  With locals around, railways track by the coastlines, beautiful breeze and a picturesque sunset setting in the Indian Ocean made for a perfect evening in Sri Lanka.


Coastline, Indian Ocean, Temple
As we walked towards the coastline, we found another temple.


Police Field Force Headquarters, Colombo, Sri Lanka
We crossed the Police Field Force Headquarters and reached Colombo 4 road


Train Journey Colombo, Sri Lanka
The railway track by the Indian Ocean in Colombo, Sri Lanka


The sight of the railway tracks just by the side of the Ocean was really beautiful as I heard about it. I had just seen a glimpse of it but I could believe that the route literally hugged the scenic south western coastline of Sri Lanka. 


Wellawatte Beach, Colombo
And we saw some people sitting at one of the closest beach, Wellawatte Beach


Colombo City Marine Drive (Colombo Plan Road) – Kollupitiya, Colombo -3


Travel, Colombo, Srilanka
I was thrilled to see the waves and the weather had also turned far too better and breezy by this time


Fishing in Colombo
Some locals were enjoying fishing


We walked further to reach a point where we could enjoy the sunset view. As we saw the locals sitting by the water and enjoying their conversations with friends and family, we knew that this was worth a stop. No doubt, the sunset was a pretty sight. Hubby and I indulged in the moment and forgot about everything else.


The sun was about to say goodbye for the day
The sun was about to say goodbye for the day


Dehiwala, Sri Lanka
And there I learned I was around Dehiwala which happens to be the second largest Municipality in Sri Lanka


Sunset in Sri Lanka
A small boat in the Indian Ocean


Southwestern coast of Sri Lanka.
Southwestern coast of Sri Lanka.


Sunset time in Colombo
Sunset time in Colombo


Selfie, SriLanka
Selfie time in Sri Lanka


Sunset over Indian Ocean
Before the sun took the final plunge in the Indian Ocean


We stayed there till the burning ball was gone for the day. What a peaceful evening it had been. The oneness with nature is a great time to introspect and meditate. We were absolutely in no hurry to check out a hundred things. The plan was to relax and enjoy these tiny moments of joy.


We stayed there till it was gone
We stayed there till it was gone


SriLankan food
From there we were headed towards to Upali’s for local Sri Lankan dinner


When it turned dark, we hired a tuktuk and asked him to drop us at Upali’s. The plan was to indulge in local food and we executed it successfully. The pol roti and the jack fruit curry made for a great combination. Do read my published article about all that you must eat in Sri Lanka. 

EGB in Sri Lanka
I tried two local Sri Lankan drinks


Do eat local food in Colombo
The first day in Sri Lanka ended on a delicious note.


If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka, do check out my other posts. And if you love train journeys and wish to do a Ramayana Trail there do read about the Shri Ramayana Express

Happy Travelling!!

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  1. Sri Lanka is one the few remaining countries that I want to visit and keep putting it off. Reading this I think it’s time to get my act together and plan a trip. I’ve heard amazing things about Sri Lankan food and want to experience it at the source.

  2. Wonderful and amazing post! The photos are amazing and stunning too! Would love to go there someday. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. Keep on posting!

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