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How to Maintain Your Home While Travelling: Smart Solutions and Services

Keeping an eye on your home while travelling

Planning a trip? But, wondering how to make your home secure and well-maintained in your absence? No matter whether it’s a short or long vacation, maintaining your home’s safety is essential. Neglecting home maintenance can raise various issues, from unpredictable damages to security breaches, which cost you time and money on your return. Adapting measures will ensure peace of mind and let you focus on enjoying your vacation. Well, in the digital era, varied solutions are available that aid you in remotely monitoring your home. Advanced security smart thermostats for pet care and more. All these innovations offer comprehensive support to keep your home in top condition. The following are the technologies, smart solutions and services that aid you to stay connected and maintain your home while traveling. 

Install Comprehensive Security System 

Installing a comprehensive security system is considered to be your first line of defense. Modern security systems go beyond simple alarms and envisage varied features such as: 

  • 24*7 monitoring: It ensures your home is constantly monitored by professionals who can alert authorities if required. 
  • Alarm system: Installing a loud alarm can alert neighbors or passersby. 
  • Smart camera: Installing cameras at key points around your property is a good idea. Always opt for cameras with night vision, remote viewing capabilities, and motion detection. 

Automate Your Lights 

Automated lights are the most effective deterrents against burglaries. These lights can simulate occupancy by: 

  • Motion-activated lights: These outdoor lights are mainly active in detecting movement. 
  • Scheduling lights:  It sets the lights to turn on and turn off at varied times. 
  • Remote control: You can get access to control your home’s lighting remotely through your phone. 

Use Smart Home Devices 

Smart home devices provide an extra layer of security to your home: 

  • Smart Doorbells: All these devices aid you in seeing and speaking to visitors using your smartphone. 
  • Smart Plugs: Controlling appliances remotely will provide an illusion of occupancy. 
  • Water Leak Sensors: Detecting leaks will prevent water damage in your absence. 

These smart home devices, especially smart doorbells, employ motion sensors and video surveillance to help you know who is at your door, even when you aren’t home. These smart devices alert you when motion is detected, capture everything, and send it to your connected phone. Hence, if you plan to install and turn your home into a smart home, hiring an expert electrician in Noida will be beneficial. These experts have years of experience tackling all the minor to major issues easily.  

How to Maintain Your Home While Travelling with smart home solutions
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Secure All Entry Points 

Before leaving, ensure that all your entry points are secured. The following are a few things that you must consider: 

  • Lock Door and Windows: Opt for high-quality locks and consider installing smart ones that remotely check and secure your home. 
  • Reinforce Sliding Doors:  Using a commercial lock or rod will add security.            
  • Install Security Screens: Security screens offer an additional barrier without compromising aesthetics. 

Monitor Your Home Remotely 

Automating your home will aid you in keeping an eye on your home remotely: 

  • Remote surveillance: It allows you to view live footage from your security camera using the apps.    
  • Alerts and notifications: If any unusual activity is detected, you will receive an instant alert on your connected smartphone. 
  • Two-way communication: It allows you to communicate with anyone through smart doorbells and indoor cameras. 

Don’t  Let Anyone Know about Your Absence 

Don’t share your absence with anyone. Leave some lights on inside and a car in the driveway. It’s a great idea that deters burglars from targeting your home. Avoid posting about your travel on social media or posting vacation photos until you are back home. Even if you use voice mail or email, don’t indicate you are away from your home. Also, adapting home automation will allow you to schedule your lights on and off at the specified time. 

Inform Trusted Neighbours or Friends 

Technology has eased the lives of many homeowners, but don’t overlook the value of human vigilance. Always ask your trusted neighbors to keep an eye on your eye, ask them to collect the mail,  take out trash, and make your home look live-in. Also, give your family members or friends the key and connect with them in an emergency. 

Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance lets you keep your security system in top condition, regularly check your alarm systems and their batteries, and keep your smart devices updated for better performance and security.  

Follow Grandma’s Rules and Double-Check Important Things 

Double-check all the essential things before leaving.  Power surges are unpredictable, so disconnecting all the electrical appliances that aren’t required to turn off, such as computers, washing machines, microwaves, AC, TV, and more. Safely plug those that are running into a surge protector, tighten the knobs of taps and showers, turn off the water supplies, check doors and windows, and also ensure to double-check the locks. Don’t forget to check the LPG or gas stove connection to avoid leakage. 

Final Word 

Traveling must be enjoyable and relaxing; hence, don’t take the stress off your home in your absence. Implementing varied measures will ensure your home remains well-maintained even in your absence. From smart home devices to comprehensive security systems, you should also be informed about your absence, trusted neighbors, etc., all the essential steps you must consider. Adapting smart solutions will protect your property and ensure peace of mind, thus allowing you to enjoy your trip stress-free. Thus, adapting smart home devices is a must to maintain security and keep your home safe while you are away from home. It provides a comprehensive security system with 24/7 monitoring, smart cameras, alarm systems, and more whenever any suspicious activity is detected.  Automating the lights adds another layer of security; it develops an illusion that someone is at home. Motion-activated lights,  remote control capabilities, etc, are effective and are against burglaries. Smart home devices such as plugs and water leak sensors elevate security and prevent property damage. All these devices with motion sensors keep you informed about who is at your door and provide you peace of mind. 

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