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Bucket Lists are passé. It’s time for The Blind List!

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I have chosen my fate and I am determined to carve my destiny. I will not stop. I will rise and fall in love but I will not give up. I will walk those extra miles to smell the smell of authentic cuisines. I will fly in the skies. I will hug and meet people from all over the world. I will wake up for those mesmerizing sunrises and wait for hours for the momentous sunsets. I will learn about traditions, art, culture and cross oceans in search of the hidden gems. I will indulge in history and take pride in anthropology. I will do it all everyday. I have no money but my most valuable possessions are those little moments which leave me amazed, shocked, bewildered, awestruck, happy, joyous, sad and most of all fulfilled. I am romantically engaged and neck-deep in love with the world. They ask me, why do I travel? Do you think I still need to answer it. 



Why Do You Love The World?

No dream or reality is as beautiful as the one that we see with open eyes. When I took the plunge to become a traveller, when I decided to step out of the house, when I declared that I was ready to embrace it all, when I crossed all barriers, I sent out a strong message to the world that I was ready to romance with it.  Come, lets say #SayYesToTheWorld. There isn’t any bigger happiness. 



Bucket Lists are passé. It’s time for #TheBlindList!

What would my #TheBlindList be like?

For me, the below picture says it all but I would also like to answer it through a poem! 




Let me imagine, 

For writers should always trust their imaginations,

There is a breath-taking piece of world that is far but its exists,

Where the air purifies itself,

And the waste automatically recycles,

There are no traces of filth,

And there is no body who knows what it means to make dirty,

It boasts of sights that heal the eyes,

And where pain gets replaced with smiles and laughter,

It is pure, surreal and as beautiful as silence and peace,

There are no nights and days but where the sun and the moon come calling in together,

Where your heart flutters like butterfly,

And you dance with the tsunami waves,

The whales and dolphins join you for the spin,

And the birds teach you to sing,

Where the tigers and leopards invite you for the jungle festivals,

The plants and trees provide you shelter,

Where no one is scared, 

For no one is harmed.

There is no religion and you worship your soul,

It is open minded and no one judges you there.

You own a pea-green boat,

And live on the tree,

Where fishes are your best friend,

And you drink the water from the ocean,

Where no one is rich and poor, 

Because no one owns more than the other,

Where there is perfect balance between man and nature,

And where we live together, we eat together and we die together.

My imaginative world is impeccable but my present world isn’t less beautiful.

Everyday is a blind day,

And with every travel, I tick off my blind list.

I do not know what I want,

But what I get feels absolutely right,

If this is what blind list is all about,

I am up to romance with the world,

Just the way it is,

Just the way I have been doing it,

Not less, not more!!






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