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Pictures from Gili Trawangan will cheer you. Enjoy Arm-chair travel!

Gillis in Lombok

Have you settled in the work from home rhythm yet? I know many of us are still finding it hard. Well, as a freelancer, not much has changed in my life at home but yes the travels have halted. Sometimes, it becomes hard to imagine life without it. However, with the lockdown as a mandate, I have a positive outlook towards it. Lets make the best of all that we have from “before Corona days”. So as long as Earth is healing and nature is reviving and virus is being contained, let us just use this time to do things that we love. So what do I love? Well, I am doing exactly what I love doing. I am writing my travel stories and I am doing lots of art work. I am also experimenting in the kitchen. While I am jotting down lockdown notes, writing positive stories on my new blog- Pandemic Positive, I am also revisiting my travel memories. Keep following my armchair travel series as I bring you cheerful pictures from around the world. Today, we will travel to Gili Trawangan in Indonesia from the comforts of our couch.

The nasty flu can only disrupt our travel plans but it cannot tide down our wandering souls. This is the time for armchair travel. Let me cheer you with colorful pictures from Gili Trawangan.

Street art in Gilli Trawangan
Street art is love. I was very happy to find some interesting works on the island

Am I still hung-over Gili Trawangan? Yes, I am!

I traveled to Lombok in November 2019 but I am still finding it hard to forget one of the Gilis for its ambiance and the vibes. I had just returned from Ibiza in October and was still ga-ga about it. (Trust me, its absolutely gorgeous and I am extremely saddened with the Covid deaths in Spain). But when I visited Lombok, especially Trawangan in a few weeks after Spain, it was almost like having a new crush. The moment I reached the island, I simply wanted to grab one of those colorful chairs, stare at the waters, catch on the rhythm of the waters and just be one with nature.

It is one of the major crowd pullers of Lombok

This is what I like most about traveling the world, you are never short of reasons to be in love with new place, nature, culture and people.



Gili Trawangan in Lombok is definitely a place to romanticize about. Corals, white sandy beaches, turquoise water and mesmerizing underwater life are the first traits of it. Its just as simple, pretty and unpretentious as it appeals. The moment you will land here, I bet its character and charm will make you count your blessings. Once the world becomes free of coronavirus, you must visit Lombok and not miss the chance to visit the Gillis. The Gili Islands are a group of 3 tiny islands – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air and all three are not separate entities but very much part of Lombok.

Find a cozy place and settle down!
This is one of those islands where you just got to find a cozy place and be there for hours, without getting bored!


A boat ride away, this is an island where no cars or scooters are allowed. While I really liked the fact that getting around is done by bicycle or horse cart, I am not sure if ponies should be used any more. It hardly takes an hour to cycle around. And if you decide to walk, it will take double the time but you will love the stroll. I took a horse cart to visit the Lombok swing but opted to walk around during the return. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was difficult not to stop after every 5 minutes for the pretty photo opportunities. I bet romantic strolls would be a great idea to explore the picturesque as well as the quiet side of the island.

Lombok Sunset Swing
Sunset swing!

I could see the island was testing its waters with street art. Most of the wall art work was cute and colorful. I was happy to stumble on some. I am sure there is going to be more when I will visit next.

Street art of Gilli Trawangan

The easy going seating arrangement of the restaurants and the colorful beach decorations of the island seemed absolutely welcoming and comforting. The over-water swings and hammocks everywhere, make it all the more attractive and pretty. The laid back attitude of the island was infectious.

In the times of social distancing, this is how we will travel
Perfect example of self-isolation!

There are lot of free-diving, glass boat rides and snorkeling courses offered on the island. You may look for the best and take your dive. The crystal clear water all around is the USP of the place.

Crystal clear waters...
This is haven for the underwater activity lovers!

The Gilli sunset over the ocean from one of the water swings is quite famous. The night parties are known to be notorious and the night markets are pleasantly cute. A few hours on the island were enough to give me that feeling that I didn’t want to leave.

It doesn’t really matter which island you are staying on, you must visit them all. Hopefully, we will all travel soon. Until then, enjoy virtual tourism.

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