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Etihad and Noon : We will travel soon


Good times will be back. Let us keep our fingers crossed. I am very sure the worse is over. We will resume to travel. We will once again fall in love with the world. We will fly again. But for now, lets hold on for a few more weeks, until its very important. Enjoy armchair travel. These days, I have been reading a lot about airlines, hospitality and more. This is the time to know more about your favorite brands. Today, I want to share something about Etihad and Noon.

5-star air travel: Flying with the UAE’s best carrier

Among mankind’s most significant and important inventions, air travel has revolutionized human civilization and has been the cornerstone of the rapid advances that our world has made since the twentieth century. Who’d have thought that one day, just like the birds soaring in the sky, mankind too would fly above the clouds, changing the course of history forever! Right from the time when Daedalus and Icarus flew above the sea to the time when the Wright brothers made this dream a reality, air travel epitomizes our evolution and progress. Thanks to the wonders of science, aircraft now carry people all over the world, covering large distances in almost no time- distances that once took months to cover are now measured in the span of a few hours. Blessed with the power of flight, the course of our civilization’s progress had ascended to new heights. With people and countries brought closer, we’ve seen the birth of multi-national companies, seamless logistics, armed forces’ operations, aid & relief work getting more efficient and tourism booming to unprecedented heights. 

Etihad and Noon : A modern-day El-Dorado, the UAE is among the most sought-after and desirable destinations in the world. Be it the famed ultra-luxurious buildings, larger-than-life entertainment centers and adventure sports that can only be done in the region, the UAE symbolizes the zenith of the Arab culture and its prosperity. A big financial and business hub thanks to its unmatched infrastructure and amenities, the region sees the presence of many multi-national companies, who make use of the place as their Asia headquarters. Countless nationalities are represented in the region, with people arriving here to work and live at one of the most desirable residences in the world. 

Etihad Airways
My experience of flying Etihad Airways

Having grown to serve as a connecting hub between Asia and the West, the region is extremely well connected to the rest of the world with an elaborate network of flights, provided by some of the best air-carriers in the world. Travel from cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi is frequent and is used the people to visit destinations all over the world. The region is also home to one of the most famous luxury air-carriers in the word: Etihad. Based in the region itself, Etihad has a stellar reputation for providing ultra-luxurious and unmatched flying experiences. With flights to all major cities of the world, travelers can use Etihad promo codes for savings when booking tickets. Having built a stellar reputation for itself as a top-tier air carrier, your experience on-board with Etihad is bound to be memorable. From an award-winning in-flight entertainment system to the choices selection of cuisines offered, flying with Etihad is taking a trip in the lap of luxury. Its business class is a thing of beauty. 

With air travel safe with Etihad, your preparation for the next trip are taken care of by The UAE’s very own e-commerce behemoth, this homegrown platform is the place to go for all your travel-related requirements. From travel bags to gadget chargers, the best cameras and DSLR’s, selfie sticks and all other travel necessities are available on Noon, delivered safely to your doorstep. With some of the biggest brands in the world to choose from, deals are made sweeter with Noon coupons that can be redeemed at check-out. Fellow shoppers leave reviews of their purchased products, thereby making it easier for buyers to make more informed choices. All local and global brands are made available for customers, with deliveries happening very quickly. One-day, two-day and even same-day deliveries are quite common with Noon. 

Happy Traveling when coronavirus is over!

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