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Balcony View – Let Us Find Our Ray of Hope

My Balcony

When will things get back to normal? How long will this isolation last? When will I get back to my home-city? This Saturday, I woke up to some of these apprehensive questions. With no immediate answers in hand and continued turbulence in my head, I decided to hang around the balcony before heading to my writing desk. Those thirty minutes not only connected me to the usual rhythm of urban life but also changed the course of my thoughts. What did I see? Read to know more.

The sun was bright. The landmark hills of Vijayawada appeared clear and near. The bright, green, tall trees looked resplendent as always. The neighborhood continued to hint of quarantine days (Good for us to stay safe and stay home). And as always there were some naughty pigeons trying to peck and break the glass panes. I thought this was it. But just then came the vegetable vendors and essential service workers. I found my ray of hope. Just by observing them do their usual work with masks on their face, restored my faith in humanity.

And I muttered, Thank God, “I have a balcony. This too shall pass.”

Use of balcony during quarantine
These days, I definitely spend a few minutes hanging around the Balcony. The view changes my
mood immediately!

Balcony View!

During self-quarantine and national lockdown, our porch, rooftops, balconies, terrace and windows have become of utmost importance. They are not only source of some fresh air but they also help us to connect to nature and outer world. They are our place to exhibit solidarity towards community. They are still our spots where we can sit, meditate, exercise, have morning tea, share a laugh and express ourselves. When architects started making apartments/flats to optimize land usage, balconies were made to increase natural light and air ventilation. And who knew, in the days of quarantine, they could be used for so much more. Whats your balcony view like?

Balcony View
My balcony view, from the fifth floor!
Window view during quarantine
Walk to the windows to feel the rhythm of urban life!

Travels and my views!

As a travel influencer, views have always been an essential part of my work. I am sure you remember the common updates like, “Room with a view”, “My Monday Morning View”, “Anything for a view like this” or ” Sunrise and Sunset View”. As photographers, we play with our views to try and bring out something more that meets the eye, something more important than ourselves. And even in quarantine, I have an amazing view. From the fifth floor of my service apartment in Vijayawada , I get to see the hills which are unique to the landscape of the city. Perched on the top, I also get birds-view on the movements below. This whole phase of staying inside has made me realize the value of having a balcony and I believe we must try to transform the terrace balcony or beautify it for maximum fun and enjoyment.

Essential Service Workers

And if you are still wondering what more did I see that day, let me share these pictures of the vegetable vendors and the essential service workers who gave me my much needed assurance. I am not sure what they mean to you but I want to believe that humanity will save us and normalcy will return soon.

This is what I see from my balcony
Essential Service -When the man came to deliver the cylinders!

Vijayawada -Courier service boy

Essential Services have resumed – Courier service!

Fruit seller during quarantine
Fruits seller!

Balcony view- Quarantine living in Vijaywada
Vegetable vendor

For as long as this pandemic and state-mandated quarantine will be remembered, the healthcare professionals, security forces and essential services workers will never be forgotten.

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  1. I can relate with it so much ..balcony was as if a window of hope and a breather indeed .. sometimes to let it out and sometimes to let the freshness in..such is the irony

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