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Lockdown waali Biryani – It is the time to stay warm, loving and bonded.

quanratine biryani

Last evening, when I was missing my parents, when I was missing my mother’s amazing food, when I was missing home, when I was missing my “go-to” things, when I was missing my books, when I was generally missing my usual travelling life, my consultant husband read my mood immediately and dished out my comfort food, “Egg Biryani”! After the first bite itself, I felt close to nirvana. My brain started functioning so much better that I had three immediate realizations.

First, I am a born foodie.

Second, its very easy to cheer me up. Give me any rice dish (especially biryani) and I am good to talk to.

Last but not the least, our state of mind can be altered by the kind of people around us.

The last one is of crucial importance during these exceptional times.

Cooking Egg Biryani during Lockdown
Lockdown waali Egg Biryani!

It does not matter who is cooking!

It’s absolutely not important who is cooking these days or who is doing the household chores or who is looking after the children, but it’s very important that spouses, partners, family members and friends, everyone treats it as a duty to keep each other cheered and pepped up, amidst the influx of negative news. Sharing responsibilities is definitely important but sharing emotional stress is the need of the hour. It is the time to stay warm, loving and bonded.

Cook for each other.

Watch webseries together.

Encourage each other to take some hobbies.

Try workout or yoga or dance moves which need partners.

Show appreciation and have gratitude for everything.

What is each one’s role during lockdown?

In these times of social distancing and cut-down of social outings, we are all having our stressful and worried moments. Thus, here comes the role of each each one of us. We have to be empathetic. We have to talk positive when another one thinks negative. We have to distract each other immediately.

Despite our limited resources in Vijayawada, we have been doing good because we have each other. Though I often take a dig and laugh-away at my husband’s consulting skills in good humor, I have definitely realized his true worth in such situations. Its good to have a consultant partner around. They do know how to give you jazzy solutions, even in a lockdown.



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