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Quarantine Art- Charlie Chaplin will give you a laugh!

Quarantine Art

Art has always been my first love. Its just that I had a major crush on travel around five years back and everything else took a backseat. There was always a desire to create situational art, do storytelling through cartoon strips and speak about issues through caricatures. And this quarantine, lockdown and stay at home mandate, has really given me that chance and time to go for it. A packed bag, non-stop trips and blogging assignments were the prime focus of my life for the last few years but now is the ideal time for art to flourish in heart and in real.

Traveling the world through Art!

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Our generation has never seen anything like this before. We did not know how to react to it? We had almost forgotten how to pause and take rest. We were so used to taking things for granted. And we thought nothing stops for anyone. But see how things have turned out to be. The world has stopped to save each other. I am glad we still have that sensibility. In fact, the whole of humanity has responded beautifully in various ways.

On some days I wake up stressed but on other days, I am inspired. I ensure to not think about the future and to keep a happy state of mind. In all of this, art has really been very healing for me. I have been making drawings almost everyday. I look for current topics and say it through art. So when it was Charlie Chaplin’s birthday on 16th April, I decided to pay my tribute to him by drawing how he would have reacted to COVID-19. Don’t blame me because I have actually introduced to Charlie Chaplin’s movies at a very early stage in school and was very inspired by his antics and comedy. And as they say, laughter is the biggest medicine. So have your laugh. Stay home and stay safe!

Quarantine and Art

Illustrations on COVID19
Happy Birthday Charlie Chalin ( 16 April 1889 )

Enjoy some online art during this quarantine period!

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