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What is Himachal Day?

Himchali man and woman -Art work

I am sure you all know about Himachal Pradesh, one of the Himalayan states of India, which is not only home to some of the popular scenic mountains (Shimla, Kufri, Chail, DharamShala, Dalhousie, etc) but also picturesque villages-towns. Gunehar, a small village near Bir, is one of my personal favorites and always reminds me of happy memories from there. So on the occasion of HIMACHAL DAY on 15th April, let us find out why is it celebrated.

Himachal Day 2020
During Quarantine period, I am using art to express my love for places and people


Himachal Day is celebrated to commemorate the day when it was created by the merger of 30 princely states. In 1948, it was declared an Union Territory and on this date (15th April), the Chief Commission inaugurated this territory. Ever since, this day is being celebrated as ‘Himachal Day’ every year.  It became a separate state much later.

This year, I celebrated the day by dedicating an art piece to all the Himachali people whom I have met during my travels. I have always eyed the vibrant Himachali caps of the men and the fancy, colorful jewelry of the women.

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We will have to wait and watch patiently.

I know its not easily done as said but if you look at the larger picture, the whole world is affected. Travelling is all about happiness. What is the point of traveling when people around us would be dying? At the end of the day, its all about surviving first and then doing other things. I know a lot of our livelihoods are dependent on travel but do we really have a choice?

We might not be able to travel for now, but remember, its just a halt, an unprecedented call of nature to heal and bounce back. No doubt, the airlines, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and millions of people working within the travel industry are worst affected, but lets keep our fingers crossed that no one or any of the family members falls prey to COVID 19. Until things become normal or are revived in a new fashion, lets keep holding on to our memories.

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11 thoughts on “What is Himachal Day?

  1. Great message! This period is not easy for us who work with travels but I think it gave us the great possibility to understand what’s extremely important to us. It also remembers us about the principles above which we should live our lives. There is nothing like staying with our family and enjoy the time spent together.

  2. yes, you are right- tourism will bounce back and this is just a halt from travels. And loved your message stay safe. Glad to know about Himachal day and their customs.

  3. Thank you for sharing the significance of Himachal Day. We might not be able to travel for an indefinite time, but let’s think of the brighter side – the world is healing! Less pollution during the past months, Himalayan Mountains are now to nearby towns, etc. Our travel experience will be more significant and hope we do it more responsibly and ethically soon.

  4. You have me craving for Himachali food. Incidentally, that was my last trip before the Covid situation. And the taste remains fresh in my memory. I guess the freshness also comes from the mountain air around. Love the way you have captured the spirit of the state

  5. Couldn’t agree more with you! Our industry has a massive hit, and it will take plenty of time to bounce back. However, I’m hopeful that things would be better in the post-corona world. I was planning to visit HP this year, but let’s see if I could make it this year. I also loved your sketch!

  6. I never knew about Himachal day which is celebrated on 15th April. Good to know that Himachal Day is celebrated to commemorate the day and also it was formed by the merger of 30 princely states. Even I love those colorful caps of Himachali men and lovely jewelry of Himachali women as they are very unique.

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