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Postcards From Mauritius

Frederica Nature Reserve , Mauritius, Pictures, Photography, Postcard

Hello and a warm hug from Republic of Mauritius. It is the fourth day in this gorgeous island and I am writing this post from my room at ‘Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa’ located in the North of the island. The weather has been lovely and it was drizzling in the morning. We went for shopping today and I am just back in my room from the capital city of Port-Louis. On the first two days, I had an amazing experience at the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort, located in the south part of the country and on the third day we moved to the north part of the country.



Mauritius is named after Maurice van Nassau. It means ‘the one who conquers the place’ in Dutch. I had never been to this part of the world before. Africa has been on my mind for the last few years and while I was all eager to pack my bags and travel to Johannesburg for my first African sojourn, the Mauritius trip came as a surprise gift from the travel God and Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, India. And before I could sit and pinch myself, I was already exploring this pretty island, situated in the south west of the Indian Ocean, about 2000 kilometers from the African coast.



While the Arab navigators discovered the island in 10th century, it was only in the 15th century when the Portuguese declared it a colony. Later, the Dutch took over. After their departure, the French renamed the island as ‘Isle de France’ until the Britishers took over the power. The island has passed through  many hands until it became independent in 1968. I always knew Mauritius for its beautiful beaches and a honeymoon destination but now I can vouch for many other amazing features of the island. So far the trip has been amazing. We are a group of five females and together we are having a great time experiencing the food, culture, adventure and other delights of the island.  I wanted to share the fun with my readers and thus I am sending these postcards for each one of you. Enjoy!!!



Mauritius, holidays, Travel, fun
The amazing side of South Mauritius



Sacrechien fish fillet, food, postcards, holidays, food in Mauritius
Sacrechien fish fillet – the first lunch in Mauritius.  Sacrechien is a local fish. 



Mauritius, Resorts, Telfair, Small luxury hotels
18 course golf course at the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort, Mauritius. It is one of the largest golf course.



Frederica Nature Reserve, Mauritius, holiday, vacations, postcard
The waterfall at the Frederica Nature Reserve. The reserve was part of the Telfair property where we stayed for the first two days.



Mauritius, Flora, Fauna, Evolution, Pictures
Mauritius has developed a unique flora and fauna through evolution. I clicked this at the Frederica Nature Reserve.



C Beach Club, Mauritius, Africa, Pictures, Photography, The Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort
C Beach Club at the Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort, Mauritius



Mauritius, #discovermauritius, Telfair, heritage resorts, vacation
Does this picture urge you to pack for a beach vacation?



The Aldabra giant tortoise, Mauritius, Pictures
The Aldabra giant tortoise at the “Vanille Réserve des Mascareignes” nature park



La vanille crocodile park
La vanille crocodile park


Chamarel Rummery, Mauritius, Photography, Postcards
I clicked this beautiful flower at Chamarel Rummery



Picture Postcards, Mauritius, Travel photographs
The cute kids having fun at the Casela adventure park.



Safari adventure, Casela Leisure and Nature Park
Casela Leisure and Nature Park



The Big Cat, Casela Nature Park, Mauritius
I was elated to capture the ‘Big Cat’



Rainbow, Mauritius, Photography, Postcards
While we were traveling from the South part of Mauritius to the North, we spotted this Rainbow after the rains.



The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, Mauritius
The Westin Turtle Bay Resort & Spa, Mauritius



Hope you are already in love with Mauritius like me. Which one was your favorite postcard?

Keep following!!! There is lots more coming up on the blog…

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  1. I have been going through your social media updates. Must say, you have shown us a different side of Mauritius. eagerly awaiting more pictures from you. Keep up the good work.

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