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A Visit To REHAU Showroom



Last week, I had an invitation to visit the showroom of REHAU India Private Limited, a subsidiary of German-based Company, renowned for polymer-based solutions for construction, automotive and industry. Honestly, I was not sure what to expect from this bloggers meet because to my ignorance I was just not aware of their sustainable projects worldwide. It was only when I read about the company on the internet that I was keenly interested to learn about their furniture solutions, sustainable water management, energy-efficient construction projects, etc.  In today’s changing times, I believe that innovative solutions are the need of the hour. Further, the home-maker in me was intrigued to learn about their various products for home and offices.


Rehau showroom , German technology, germany
At the Rehau showroom, where I learnt about very interesting furniture solutions.


This was not a usual bloggers meet where we meet in a hall or a restaurant and a bunch of us are warmed up to a new experience, here a selected few were seated in the meeting room of the REHAU office at Kirti Nagar. We were received by the lady from the marketing team who took us around the profile of the company and told us about its strong presence across the world. I was both surprised and impressed to learn that this polymer company offers incomparable expertise in materials development, system design and surface technology. More so, the product range of this polymer specialist company is enormous including more than 40,000 different products. REHAU’s bumpers are available in more than 500,000 variations (color options and accessories) and EVERY THIRD vehicle manufactured in Europe is equipped with REHAU system solutions.


Rehau, Bumpers, German technology
REHAU’s bumpers are available in more than 500,000 variations




After going through these numbers, I was excited to know what followed next. In the meanwhile, if you have been wondering, what does the name ‘REHAU’ mean, I must tell you that the traveler in me was pleased to find about yet another city on the map. There is a beautiful town of Rehau, situated between borders of two German federal states of Bavaria and Saxony and Czech Republic.  The German connect comes from here. When they started, in the early 50s, there were a grand total of just three locations in Germany and Austria. Now, REHAU has offices at more than 170 locations all around the world.


By the end of the video and the presentation run, I was inquisitive to the core. I wanted to see the products that we were talking about. Thankfully, the walk around the adjacent showroom was the next thing on the agenda. We stepped in like an excited bunch to a neat and shiny room. I was reminded of my engineering days as it seemed quite close to a lab where every corner had a different product and each one promised the use of science and technology.  We started from the colorful edge bands and went on to learn about the amazing systems. Next, I was all impressed to touch and see the advanced kitchen components. The shelves, the drawers, the rolling systems were impressive. Right there, I wanted to have a kitchen fitted with worlds first ‘plug and play glass roller shutter system.


Rehau Windows, German technology
Rehau Windows-German technology


For those, who have an eye for luxurious furniture, there were comfortable and attractive chairs made from RAUCORD weaving material. Its non-toxic and state-of-the art UV stabilization technology (100% UV protection) made it stand out. I was equally glad to learn that furniture weaved by RAUCORD could be recycled residue free without posing any harmful effects to the environment. Another aspect of these furniture designs were that they were highly functional and space saving. The cupboard made from RAUVISIO crystal slim (2 mm glass sheet and 2 mm balancing sheet) became my favorite almost instantly. I just couldn’t get my eyes off it. Not only it served the aesthetics needs, it was a perfect example of technology giving us a solution to the growing space needs.




Lastly, we learnt about the best of their uPVC products that were used for making sound proof rooms, heat proof rooms and more. There was a cooling system, water saving system and numerous measures which showed the ambitious efforts of REHAU to reduce energy requirements. And the list of projects that they have worked on in India is exemplary- Maharstra-Mahagenco Sewage Treatment Plant, Manesar-Jaquar, Dharamshala-Raas Kangra, etc. Indira Paryavaran Bhawan is one of their proud project.


Rehau’s Proud Project—– Indira-Paryavaran-Bhawan–Jor-Bagh–New Delhi


Overall, the two hours spent at REHAU were very interesting because I actually learnt about lot of new things that I had never bothered to learn about. Trust me, now I know what kind of advanced window types are available in the market. I had no clue that there was so much that a polymer making company could do to make sustainable and energy saving products.  The furniture and space solutions were very impressive. Now, I have a view and I can always use this knowledge whenever I get my own house rebuilt.


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