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A Relaxed Family Trip In Goa

Itinerary for family trip in Goa

Family trip in Goa!

If you thought that vacationing in Goa only happened with friends, let me try changing your mind. How about giving a surprise and telling your family that you are taking them on a holiday to Goa, a couple of weeks from now? Trust me, the expressions on their faces will be a million times worth seeing than anything else. They wouldn’t even ask what they will do there because everyone knows what Goa is all about. The vibes of its old churches, the air around its beaches, and the freshness of its parties are popular around the whole world. And for the other things that can be done, let me make it very easy for your family trip to Goa. I am sharing this because I just made a Goan itinerary for a dear friend and I thought why not share it with my readers too.

Family trip in Goa
Here are some awesome suggestions for your family trip in Goa!

Where to stay when its a family trip in Goa?

Family trip in Goa should be different from your hippie or backpacking vacations. Keep the budget planning away and plan well. Maybe save for a few months and then go for it. But whenever you are ready, do it in style. For my friends and families, I always prefer booking a house or a villa where the whole family can live together and enjoy together. When it’s a small gang, hotels are fine but when it’s a whole family on a trip, I prefer a place that is completely to ourselves so that everyone can sit at one place, indulge in conversations over breakfast and simply chill. Hotel dining rooms and swimming pools can really be very crowded during the season. After you have made your choice for stay, plan the transport too. Renting a car is always the best idea. I always look for local drivers who have much to share. They always make the experience all the more enlightening.

Traveling tips for your family in Goa
Explore Goa differently!

Beach Hopping!

You are touristy or non-touristy in your travel methodology, you got to explore the beaches in there. Keep a day for North Goa and another day for South. Candolim, Baga, Calungute, Anjuna, Vagator, Arambol, mmiramar are unavoidable. You got to check out these beaches to sink in that Goa feeling. Agonda, Benaulim, Palolem are peaceful comparatively.  Most of these beaches are old hang-out spots of travelers and are famous for old clubs, shacks, bars, wild parties and authentic food. If you don’t want to do any of this, just find a hammock and soak in the sun. Just remember, no work because it all about having a family trip in Goa.

With family in tow, you definitely need to take them partying in Goa. It may not be possible if you have kids with you but how about taking them to a place where there is rock band music, good food and lots of sea breeze. Yes, shacks can be great fun. Have your own table and order what you want. 

Hidden gems of Goa
Goa is synonymous to beach fun!

You can’t do without going to the churches. They are so beautiful.

If the beaches make the heart of Goa, the churches are its soul. From Gothic to Neo-Roman to Tuscan, Baroque and Corinthian architecture styles, there is whole lot of heritage that must be seen and appreciated. Basilica of Bom Jesus, a catholic church is the UNESCO heritage site. It is here where people queue up to see the casket of St. Francis Xavier, wherein lies his 400 years old preserved body. Se Cathedral, located in Velha in Old Goa is another very impressive church. It is famous for its golden bell, all over the world. There is another one in Velha, St. Cajetan, which closely reminds of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. I like visiting churches and in Goa, I always find some new ones.

Lady of Immaculate Conception is my favorite one. This one in Panjim is not only a white beauty, but pristine and peaceful. I love the Gothic façade of Mae De Deus too. This one is in North Goa and has intricate interiors. And when you are talking about churches, it isn’t fair to forget about Church of St Francis of Assisi and the Church of Cross Miracles. They are really popular among the locals.

My favorite church in Goa
Whats your favorite church in Goa?

Cruising or Catamaran Sailing is my favorite

Cruising on Mandovi River or catamaran sailing on Chapora River is my idea of a perfect offbeat holiday. Sailing is super fun in Goa. I have done it myself and can vouch for it. Clearly, it was a day of enjoying the waters of Goa in the middle of water. Lots of cool breeze all over your face, direct sun and the experience of sailing triples the fun automatically. If you want to experience cruising, you can do that too on Mandovi River. Keep a whole day for it or maybe book a sunset cruise. Enjoy your dinner, make merry with your family and toast to the good times.

Cruising in Goa
Make your way to the sea!

Visit the Museum and Walk around Portuguese colony

This is not just for the children, even the elders will enjoy. Big foot museum in Loutolim is my favorite. It is one of the most engaging and interactive place to be at and learn about Goa’s history and culture. Next comes Goa state museum. It has lots of art, exhibits, history of printing, sculpture, religion, anthropological and cultural facts to offer to the people. Both, Museum of Christian art and Indian Naval Aviation Museum are unique and interesting. Some of the old houses of Goa are amazing and must be seen from inside. They have such ornate interiors and the collections give us a peek into the life of the owners. Fontainhas is a colourful neighborhood where one can walk around and experience an Old Portuguese colony.

Family trip in Goa can be fun by taking your kids to museums
Big Foot Museum in Goa

How about some Parasailing and Scuba Diving in Goa?

Water babies love Goa for all kind of water activities that you can do there. There is no pressure to do something but if you really want to learn something and experiment, this is just the right place. You will always have those memories, that you did your first scuba diving in Goa. The adventure seeking members of the family should definitely not miss this. Keep these activities on the itinerary and if possible, take them all for banana boat rides, parasailing or scuba diving. If one of the family members is keen on learning scuba diving, you may opt for scuba certification classes under trained divers.  Goa tourism has also started with Hot Air Balloon flights too.

Fontainhas - The Portuguese colony in Goa
Fontainhas – The Portuguese colony

Relax, go cycling and do some yoga in the beach resorts or villas

It is a family trip in Goa. Just chill! Family activities are very important when the whole bunch is there. Everyone should make an effort to eat together at the breakfast. The sightseeing can always be choice. Some can take off days and relax. But on some of the days, everyone should be involved. I would suggest to plan cycling day and maybe 3 yoga days too. Holidays should not just be about indulging in food and drinks, it can also be about reminding everyone that healthy lifestyle is important too.

Goan prawns
Enjoy the amazing Goan food!

To be with the family and holiday in a comfy space, all to myself, I like villas. Last time, when I went to Goa, I opted for one. If you want to experience it too, you may go for it too.

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  2. Hi Manjulika ! Great post on Goa, particularly from a family vacation point of view as Goa is an awesome place for families too. You have truly described all the wonderful aspects of Goa be it the Churches, Beaches or Food, really very informative post.

      1. Hi. I have been to goa so many times, my favourite place in the world, please I’m from UK, can I join you on your travels as I’m interested in food culture, history music, and holistic practices. Thanks

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