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5 Fun Activities to Try in your Bali Tour

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Here comes the Bali Tour

One of the most popular stops on every tourist’s wish-list in Indonesia is Bali Island. It is famous for its volcanic mountains, beaches, coral reefs, and well-laid beautiful rice paddies. Get the best experience in Bali by engaging in a range of fun activities. Bali has awesome destinations for surfing, diving, trekking, traditional culture tours, and beach hopping, and romantic experiences. When you are doing a Bali tour, you must know to stop at all the right places. It helps to conduct a little research to know about the destination before buying Bali packages or going on tour. Here are some of the fun activities you must never miss in Bali.

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Cave dining
Balinese special activities

1. Cave Dining

When going on Bali Tour with your partner, sometimes the best view and experience you can get at the beach is finding somewhere nice and quiet. Somewhere you can only see and hear the birds and the tides as they beat the sand. Bali allows you to experience a unique sensation in the most luxurious and private part of the beach or in a cave in Nusa Dua. A romantic dinner for two in a cave will give you and your partner a moment to cherish for life. There is an array of spots that are also as romantic like the Ayung River dinner, evening dinner cruises, and fire dancing on a camp group tour. Share best and uniquely themed dinner by checking available spots within proximity to your hotel or the attractions on your Bali tour packages.

5 Fun activities to do in Bali
Enjoy the water activities in your Bali tour

2. Rafting

While visiting temples, monasteries and other tourist attractions on your land tour packages, take a detour at Ayung River. It is a great opportunity to refresh yourself by taking a raft in the inland river. There are perfect rafting spots you will enjoy as well as the most beautiful waterfalls along the river. Make the best of your Bali tour.

A bali tour must have snorkeling and diving experience
One of the water-sports activities to be done in Bali

3. Diving

Diving is another activity in which you can participate in your Bali tour. An underwater tour during the day does not only reveal a beautiful world but is also quite refreshing. Make sure your Bali travel package gives you an opportunity to take an underwater scooter and explore the marine life and underwater sculptures on the shoreline to Nusa Lembongan. Enjoy great views in the Pemuteran’s underwater temple and explore the great ancient craftsmanship in the human-made coral reef which dates back to more than a thousand years.

An itinerary for fun activities in Bali
Sign up for underwater activities

4. Hiking

Experience the outdoors and nature a little up-close by taking to hiking when on your Bali tour. Enjoy the fresh air at mountain peaks and see rare and endangered wildlife species. Hiking not only allows you to burn calories but is also great especially if you bought a Bali honeymoon package and need space to bond with your partner. You also get to capture the best views of the rice fields, bamboo village houses, and Mount Batur among other tourist attractions.

Hike in the jungles in Bali
UBUD is a great area to hike in Bali.

5. Paragliding

Enjoy the best views of the island and an adrenaline burst with paragliding when on your Bali tour. This activity is a great way to counter the fear of heights. A bird’s eye view over the forests and beaches on a different point of view wakes you to appreciate the beauty from within when you visit Timbis.

Finally, you must book your Bali trip on time

There is an array of other activities you can engage in, that will guarantee you the wildest ever holiday stay in Bali. Plan your tour ahead of time, research on other interesting activities around the destinations you will be visiting. The key to enjoying your stay in Bali rests on the tour packages you choose. Choose an international tour operator who offers the best travel packages from Mumbai, Ahmadabad, or anywhere in India.

And don’t miss the cousin island of Lombok and the gorgeous Gilli Trawangan.

Happy Travelling!

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