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Traveling through Art during Lockdown

Illustration showing a traveller dreaming of travel

Planes are parked in hangars, trips have been postponed, vacationers are stay-put at home and solo-travelers are making the most of this imposed family time. Well, its our “new normal” and we have no choice but to adapt to the current scenario. But what about the wandering souls? What are we upto? Well, we have a big chunk of our hearts pledged to travel and trust me, no virus or pandemic can overpower that love. We might be on a small break because we want the world to heal, but if anything makes you think that we have stopped endorsing travel, we have not. We cannot. Read to know how we are still committed to our passion, even during lockdown.

There is no dearth of opportunities and creativity. Some of us are making videos. Many of us are writing blogs, inspiring arm-chair travel. Friends around me are creating travel moments through beautiful memories and photographs. And few are doing creativity travel as well. While I am guilty of creating travel content at a tortoise pace, I am definitely using all my time and energy in keeping an eye on the world, seeing it change during the times of social distancing and capturing some of it through my art and illustrations.

Warli tribal village showing social distancing
A Warli tribal village in India showing life during lockdown

When the international borders declared that travel must stop and laid down immediate measures for the virus to contain, it was not at all difficult to conclude that it would take a long time to get back to the normal days. Thus, it occurred to me that art and travel, travel and art would make a great combination during the #stayhomestaysafe period. Well, I am of the view that while we cannot visit these places, we can always recreate them.

Let me show you how some of the places are conveying the most important messages of social distancing and surviving the lockdown too. This is how I am traveling through art during lockdown.

Burj Khalifa says Stay at Home- The Art work!
The highest building of the world said it in its own style, in many languages.
This illustration is inspired by the World’s tallest building in Dubai, Burj Khalifa when it lighted up with a message to combat coronavirus and made an appeal to the world to ‘stay at home’.
The illustration is inspired by few pictures which showed people lowering their baskets from apartment windows.
The age old tradition of shopping, without leaving home, with the help of a basket and rope is back in Turkey. Elders have been told to stay at home.
The illustration is inspired by few pictures which showed people lowering their baskets from apartment windows. I have added colors to cheer you with brighter side of life.
Social distancing in Jerusalem
Stay home but if you really have to say your prayers in a particular way, keep a distance of 2 meters.
This is a picture from Jerusalem where these Ultra Orthodox Jews are wearing their traditional Tallit Jewish prayer shawls and praying along a street outside the closed synagogue.
Social distancing captured in artwork
STAYING AT HOME is the best solution for containing COVID19 but in case you have to step out for the essentials, #socialdistancing should be followed. Buy your stuff, go home, wash your hands. This is a scene from the makeshift vegetables market in Vijayawada. This is life in corona times.

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