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Where To Eat In New York City

There are about a million reasons to travel to New York City. This year I had got my reason too when my blog was approved for the media accreditation for IIFA 2017, which was recently concluded in the Med Statium but to my luck I had to miss on the opportunity. Though I couldn’t plan my trip, this doesn’t stop me from being fascinated with one of the biggest and most interesting cities in the world, featuring an unparalleled skyline, tons of sights and activities, and a population that’s an attraction in and of itself. Even with all, there is to see and do in New York the biggest draw might be the food. You could spend a whole day sightseeing around town, but at the end of it all you still need to find a good place to eat. And New York City might just have the best variety of top-notch cuisine you can find in the world.

Given all this, we wanted to devote a piece specifically to foodie hot spots in New York, all of which are worth keeping on your list if you make it to the Big Apple.

New York
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Di Fara Pizza

New York is known for its food scene in general, but it’s the pizza more than anything else that has given the city its reputation. New Yorkers are extremely proud of (and picky about) their pizza, and with good reason. Your average corner pizzeria can dish out some really tasty slices all over the city. But Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn is on the higher end, and noted by top chefs as one of the best pizza spots in the city. It’s an unassuming restaurant with a fairly straightforward menu, but the wait can be over an hour long as word has gotten out about the quality of the pizza.

Difara, New York

The Odeon

This is a delightful French-American bistro that you can find near the new World Trade Center. It’s thought to be one of the nicer restaurants in the city, with a menu that’s pricey but not exorbitant, and features all kinds of delicious dishes. It’s also a popular breakfast and brunch place, and is known for its ice cream. A solid lineup of entrees featuring trout, steak, lamb, and salmon makes for a traditional fine dining menu that most everyone can enjoy.

Mighty Quinn’s

One trend in the last few years in New York has been the embrace of southern U.S. cuisine. The city has always thrived on adapting food from around the world in the most authentic ways possible, and now it’s doing the same with food traditions from the southern states. Chick-fil-A, the popular southern fast food restaurant, opened in New York City just two years ago, and chicken and waffles (a traditionally southern dish) have gotten more popular in the city as well. Following this trend, Mighty Quinn’s has become a formidable barbecue joint. It’s located in the East Village, and combines Texan and Carolinian barbecue styles to put out some excellent meat-centric dishes— sometimes at under $10 per plate!


Mighty Quinn’s

Red Egg

It’s amazing how popular dim sum has become. Once a sort of fun food you’d only find in delivery restaurants and designated Chinatowns, it’s now a menu item all over the place, as well as the subject of an internet video game. Naturally, as with most growing trends, New York is on board, and there’s a lot of great dim sum in the city nowadays. Red Egg may just have the best in the city though. It’s a modern but simple place in Chinatown near the neighbourhood of SoHo where you can get some incredibly flavorful dumplings at an affordable price.


If you want to experience one of the more intimate and specialized fine dining experiences in the city, Shuko is something to consider. It’s basically a high-end sushi and seafood restaurant where you need to book a table two weeks in advance, and where a meal can cost you up to about $200. But you don’t just sit down and order off the menu. This is more of a guided tasting experience, as chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau will serve up whatever’s freshest in a sequence they determine themselves. It’s an expensive meal out, but if you’re a serious foodie and you want to splurge, it’s also a unique experience.

Shuko, New york, Places to Eat

These are just five restaurants in a city known for an endless array of them. But they cover a broad spectrum and give you a few things to keep in mind next time you make it to New York.

Happy Traveling and Indulging!!

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  1. Where to eat ?

    This is s big & common question that lot of people ask when they plan to make a trip of New York City! Well New York City is just not a small or local city, It’s one of the most popular city in the world & there are good restaurants & place to eat.

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