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CRUISE VACATION : My Favorite 51 Reasons!!!

MY FIRST CRUISE VACATION WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Though it was not a vacation for me but a blogging assignment, I enjoyed every bit of it. In fact, I am glad that I did it differently because it helped me to see many interesting aspects of it. From visiting the Captains deck to interacting with the Captain of the ship to walking around the restaurant kitchens to learning about the backstage performances to attending the world-class events, it was a trip of a lifetime. Trust me, it was so much fun that in the last two months, I been telling everyone to take a cruise at least once. I want my friends and relatives to discover the awesomeness for themselves. And then, I know it will never be enough. Cruising will become their favourite way of travel.

My first cruise
Go Cruising!!!!
Entertainment on the cruise
Get entertained as you sail!

Sailing on Princess Cruise

Give me a chance and I am all game to go back again. In five days, I was so much in love with the idea of waking up in the middle of the ocean, spending the whole day on a floating five-star hotel (Majestic Princess), touching new countries through their ports and sleeping to the lullabies of the waves, that I did not want my first trip to come to an end at all. And even if I was not doing anything specific, the whole idea of being on the ship made me happy from within. I loved to see people dance. I looked forward to strolling on my favourite deck. I enjoyed sipping my cuppa of tea in my balcony room. If I was not doing all of the these, I was either watching a movie on my favourite deck or savouring interesting food. Trust me, when you have the best of food, world-class entertainment, ready-to-help people around you, open-air theatre, comfy beds, great friends and lots of pool time, all of it on a majestic ship, the hangover is sure to continue.

Open air theatre, Movies under the stars
Watch movies while taking a dip in the pool.

When people ask, ‘HOW WAS THE CRUISE?’ I have been saying this…Cruising is a winning travel idea. Not all cruises are expensive as I always thought. And you will never know what a cruise holiday is until you go for one yourself. I remember reading a quote from a travel magazine which said that ‘Cruise passengers are the happiest holiday makers’. That time, I had no clue but now I know why. The men don’t have to drive and the women have to no cooking to worry about. Both can get dressed as per their choice and indulge in the activities of their interests.

Room with a view, Cruising
My room with a view in Majestic Princess.
Staring at the ocean
My favourite way of spending the evenings on the cruise.

Here are my favourite things about a “Cruise Vacation” that make it worth-a-do!

  1. The majestic demeanour of the vessel.
  2. A beautiful stateroom cabin.
  3. An attendant to look after your room and other essentials.
  4. The view of the vast ocean from the cosy bed.
  5. Unpacking once and for all.
  6. A plethora of shipboard activities.
  7. The deep blue ocean, as far as the eyes can see.
  8. The wondrous blue of the sky.
  9. Enjoying the sunrises and the sunsets in the middle of the ocean.
  10. The luscious waves.
  11. The playful and rocky movement of the ship.
  12. Different ports, new places every day.
  13. Indulging in fun activities with your gang.
  14. Meeting new people.
  15. That feeling that the Captain and the crew will take care of everything.
  16. Interacting with the most pleasing staff.
  17. Getting pampered round the clock.
  18. Strolling around the decks.
  19. Chilling in the atrium.
  20. Catching up with movies under the stars.
  21. Eating unlimited Ice creams.
  22. Snacking over choicest of food.
  23. Night walk over the skywalk!
  24. Multiple pools and Having lots of pool time.
  25. The Jacuzzi fun.
  26. Gymming and golfing on the ocean.
  27. Lazying on the deck chairs.
  28. The buzzing and ever-inviting bars.
  29. Having access to rooms dedicated to laundry and ironing.
  30. Looking forward to the events and planning for the day.
  31. Dressing up for occasions and shopping on the go.
  32. Going for the morning Salsa classes.
  33. Having karaoke rooms to yourself.
  34. The amazing all-day performances.
  35. The acrobatics, the play activities, the quiz and more.
  36. Simply lounge by the pool and relax
  37. Fine dining restaurants.
  38. Feasting on fabulous cuisines all day.
  39. Sandwiches, desserts and coffee at 3 in the night.
  40. The Captain’s Cocktail Party.
  41. Bollywood nights for Asian travellers.
  42. Falling asleep in a different time zone and waking up in a new one.
  43. Spa on the Cruise.
  44. Casino! Do you need more?
  45. On shore excursions.
  46. Variety as well as rewarding cultural experience.
  47. Nightly entertainment.
  48. Enriching workshops.
  49. Singles, Couples, Honeymooners, Friends and Family – a vacation that makes for everyone.
  50. Stealing your silent moments and having enough time to be just you.
  51. One ticket vacation!!!
Food on the Cruise
Cruise Vacation promises access to great food all the time!!
Dance your way on the ship
Don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes!

The above list is in reference to my experience on Majestic Princess, one of the latest ships from Princess Cruises. There are beautiful cruise liners from amazing brands and these ships offer varied experiences. Go and choose your favourite. You may book your cruise through Cruise Professionals.

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10 thoughts on “CRUISE VACATION : My Favorite 51 Reasons!!!

  1. I’ve never been on a cruise, but now I’m tempted to try! I’ve heard about all the activities on board. I like your reason that it’s a one ticket vacation, it’s so true!

  2. I have only ever been on the QM2 for champagne but it was docked. I have always wanted to know what it is like to go on a real cruise. They look like so much to be on. I think it is pretty cool that you got to walking around the restaurant kitchens and went backstage to meet the performances. The only thing I would struggle with is not start eating all that amazing food.

  3. I guess it’s true what they say. Never hit something unless you try it first. I’ve yet to go on a cruise but looking at the ocean all day could convince me! Nice post!

  4. Oh wow, that pool with the screen is amazing! I haven’t been on a cruise vacation yet as I wasn’t that thrilled with the whole idea. But your post succeded in changing my mind, thia looks like an ultimate choice for a relaxing vacation. Definitely comsidering this for my next vacay.

  5. We never did a cruise before. We are somehow avoiding them, but would love to try eventually Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruise. They sure cost a bit more, but if we are to spend lots of time on a cruise we rather the top quality! This one seem not too bad neither!

  6. You’ve convinced me! We live in Long Beach, CA, we see cruise ships docked here regularly, and we casually bring up the idea but we’ve never seriously looked into planning a trip. i’m gonna do it!

  7. I’m yet to go on a cruise as I don;t like the idea of being confined to a boat but with constant food and all those activities it might be time that I tried one! It all looks so luxurious, especially the rooms and that poolside lit up at night. Great post!

  8. Wow I didn’t realise you could watch movie whilst you swam! THAT IS AWESOME! We haven’t yet been on your typical type of cruise boat but your pictures make me want to go!! Thanks for sharing, need to get booking a cruise NOW!

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