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Spectacular Sunset at the Klong Phrao Beach of Koh Chang

Sunset, #Sunseries

Many of my friends have suggested me to do a #SunSeries and this blog post is the beginning of it. Some of you may know that I love to capture ‘Sunrises’ and ‘Sunsets’ in every part of the world that I travel to. Maybe it is my sun sign ‘Aries’ that attracts me to it or it could be something else but I have a special connect with the ball of fire. It inspires me to keep shining every day, despite the odds. My favourite sunrise moment comes from Varanasi at Assi Ghat, India and if you ask me about Sunsets, Johannesburg has given me amazing shots. This ‘Sunset’ at the Klong Phrao Beach, Koh Chang was absolutely heart-warming. 



Koh Chang is Thailand’s second-largest island after Phuket!


You may have visited Thailand for many wonderful reasons but if you have not been to Koh Chang, you are yet to discover a gem of a place. Everyone goes to Phuket and Koh Samui to have a beach holiday but Koh Chang stands apart from the known lot. It gets its gorgeousness and unique character from its jungles, mountains, waterfalls, diving sites, sister islands and secluded beaches. The island promises a holiday with a difference where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of mangrove forests, go hiking in jungle clad hills, backpack for months in fishing villages, enjoy snorkelling in a bay, go diving for corals, laze in the lavish resorts, feast on delectable seafood and go exploring for idyllic deserted beaches that are still to have road access. 


I am glad I started my year with a visit to Bangkok with Thailand Authority of Tourism and with them, Koh Chang came out to be a cherry on the cake. A flight from Bangkok to Trat added to the adventure and the three days stay on the island gave me cherishable travel moments. While my first tryst with snorkelling prepared me for better attempts in future, the time spent on Ko Mak, Ko Kradad islands and Klong Phrao Beach was absolutely amazing.  


Koh Chang is blue, green and beautiful!


Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort


On the island, I was hosted by Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort, which is located on one of the prettiest and laidback Klong Prao Beach on the western coast. The resort has a beautiful setting and has been made in sync with the surroundings and the seascape. The rooms are comfortable and the food is good. What I loved most about the place was its environmentally friendly policies, the green setup and the spectacular sunset views from its swimming pool. 


By the time we checked in on the first day, it was already late evening and we had missed the sunset. However, when we informed the manager of the hotel that we had plans to visit the Bang Bao next day and catch up with the sunset at the viewpoint. He insisted that we must return to the hotel because the views are one of the best from here too. I am glad he suggested the same with confidence. Next day, after the sightseeing, island hopping and the snorkelling fun, we made sure that we returned to the hotel by 5 p.m. By 5:30, we had taken our positions near the beach and were all set to capture the changing colours of the fall of fire. It was a moment of pure joy and exhilaration to see the sun flare up in red and then surrender itself in the magnanimity of the ocean.



Places to stay in Koh Chang, Thailand


  I loved the resort because it is very big and you had all the chances to be lost in its beautiful surroundings. These signboards in Centara Koh Chang Tropicana Resort came out to be very handy. Everytime, I was lost, I would look for the closest one for directions.


Places to stay in Koh Chang

    There are lovely cottages in the resort and everything is mostly green about the place. One morning, I went around the resort only to click the pictures of flowers and fruits on the campus. Trust me, I got some amazing clicks. 


When I stayed at Centara Koh Chang Resort


These beautiful bridges and water bodies added to the beauty of the resort. It was my second day here. We had had a great day of island hopping and I was all excited to return to the hotel to capture the sunset. I rushed to the side of the pool, next to the restaurant and found a place for a great view.  I did find one! Rather, one could stroll around on the beach and could enjoy the amazing view from everywhere.


Koh Chang in Thailand


The light breeze was caressing my cheeks and blowing my hair.


Pretty pretty Sand castles


When I focused my lenses, I found these lovely sand castles.


Sunset in Koh chang


I was awaiting the red and fiery look of the sun! It was after long that I had returned to a beach and had a privileged spot to myself. I couldn’t wait to savour the moments. 


Koh Chang in Thailand


You got to watch the colour of the sky. It changes every moment during the Sunset time!


Sunset Romance
Sunset romance


One blink and you miss the moment. So just don’t blink.


A picture of a gorgeous sunset, beach vacation

The sunny boy came down tearing apart the clouds that were trying to hide it.


Sunset in Koh Chang - A beautiful gem in Thailand


The ball of fire and a blaze of colours — oranges, fiery red, pearly pinks, vibrant purples.


This sunset took my heart away


This is my favourite from that day when it just kissed the forests and prepared to take a  final dip in the ocean.


When the ball of fire took a dip in the Ocean


“Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it ― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook




When the Sun was gone


It was time for twilight to take over.


After the Sunset - Thailand


What a beautiful day it was and I slept peacefully!


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Happy Travelling!

13 thoughts on “Spectacular Sunset at the Klong Phrao Beach of Koh Chang

  1. Wow, I love your pictures of the sunset. The way the colors interact is simply amazing. Is there anything better than sitting and enjoying a beautiful sunset with an ice cold beer next to you?

  2. Having experienced sunsets all over the world – in many respects, they are my favourite aspect of travel – I can honestly say that those in Thailand are among the best. Certainly, you have managed to capture at least some of their immense beauty in your shots and the colours are absolutely incredible. I see you went wading during those times and while my girlfriend always tried to convince me to do the same, I couldn’t get over the notion that sharks were getting busy around that time!

  3. The hotel manager was so right, the view of the sunset is amazing from there. I love how you’ve captured the entire atmosphere changing its color into a warm orange, with the sun at the horizon going down, behind the water. Your photos have captured the moment so well! I always say, you can never get bored of sunsets!

  4. Who doesn’t love sunsets? Sunsets have that calming moment and the colors are incredible. It’s amazing how the same sun sets in every place but with each place and day, there’s always a unique experience.

  5. I love the #SunSeries which you have started. Koh ChangI think is still a hidden gem. It’s good that you talk about an offbeat destination in Thailand. The gardens of the resort is so beautifully landscaped.

  6. Thanks for sharing this post on an offbeat destination in Thailand! It’s a change from all the standard touristy spots 🙂 the photos of the sunset are gorgeous! Photographing a sunset is not an easy task, and you definitely did a good job capturing the moment.

  7. Incredible pictures! I can’t believe I never heard of this island and I visited quite a lot of thailand already. Shame on me!! I also loved the sunrise from Varanasi when i was travelling in India. you should add sunrise in Bagan for your series, one of the most stunning places I’ve been to!

  8. Oh my god that sun is unreal it looks like fake literally! I think we both want to be professional sun chasers, how awesome would it be eh?

  9. Wonderful pictures! Love the silhouettes. I personally adore sunrises more but sunsets have a character of their own. Fabulous shots Manjulika. We should do a collab soon.

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