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4 thoughts on “When My Instagram Account Was Hacked and Secured Again

  1. One of the worst nightmares. I saw your tweets and it’s so sad that Insta didn’t even respond. And even with 2FA enabled this does sound scary. I’m glad you got it back, and I’m hopeful that this post will prevent such things in the future.

    1. Hi Manjulika,
      my name is Inna,
      Same thing happened to me last week on Monday 10.01.2022 my Instagram account @betterinblack39 has been hacked. A friend of mine asked me to help him verify his account and I did, I didn’t even think twice this could of been a phishing link. I was logged off device, email and phone number had been changed. I am kindly asking you to help me please. I’ve spoken to so many different Facebook agents and all keep saying this is outside of their scope. I’ve sent emails to and haven’t received a h reply. Can you kindly help me please. I will be forever greatfull if you could help me in my situation. Thank you, inna

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