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This creative video on Thailand won me a GoPro Hero 8

Thailand Drawings and Video

Thailand is one place that tourists and travellers love to go back again and again. Its warmth, hospitality, food and the diverse landscape makes for a trusted holiday destination, always. Amazingly, it fits in all budgets, from backpacking to luxury living. I bet as soon as Covid fear will be over and international travel will resume as before, Thailand will once again become a sought after destination. I have a special love for Thai culture, hence when I got a chance to travel (virtually) to Thailand during lockdown, I grabbed it immediately. You must continue to read to know how I used my drawing book and some colored pens to make a Thailand video. And not only the video was loved by all, it also helped me to win a GoPro Hero 8.

I am sure you must be wondering, how does one travel during these times when everything is under restriction. Well, memories, technology and creativity can take you anywhere these days. I know it is not right to compare real experiences with armchair travels, but that is the best we can do for now. This is not the time to complain because we are dealing with a pandemic. Lets just wait patiently until we can travel again. That’s what my debut book says too. Do check out Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope , a positive perspective on lockdown and pandemic.

Drawing of a girl saying Swadee Kha -Thailand Video
This is the first thing that I learned on my first trip to Thailand!
Art work showing Umbrellas making in Thailand
Thailand drawings – Umbrella making in Chiang Mai

Throwback Thailand Video Making Contest

When Thailand Tourism announced a competition on their official page, I immediately loved the idea of making a ThrowbackThailand video. But soon it struck me that I would not be able to participate. I have been to Thailand a couple of times but the problem was that I had no videos from there. So the background story is that I have not been able to return to my native city due to this pandemic and have been putting up in another city. Husband was here for his official project and we decided to stay, till things became better. Now since, I am no where close to my home, I do not have my hard disk and my camera, hence no old videos and pictures. So basically I had no chance of participating. For the first week, I kept looking at videos made by my friends, other vloggers and bloggers. Honestly, while it was fun to see their creativity, I really missed making one of my own. I did not even have a 10 second video to start something. But soon I had a plan. I knew it was not going to be easy but I wanted to give it a try.

During this ‘stay at home’ and pandemic phase, I have been doing a lot of lockdown art. So, I already had a drawing book and some sketch pens. I decided to dedicate 2 days only and only to Thailand and started making some of my memories from there. It came easily to me as I love to play with colors. And also there was no dearth of beautiful memories from Bangkok, Rayong, Chiang Mai, Koh Chang and Pattaya. I started with capturing the spirit of the festival of Songkran because it had just passed and then my favorite dessert from there, Mango and sticky rice. Soon there was no looking back. I knew what all I had to make. In two days, I made 10 drawings.

Songran art work -Quarantine Art
Songkran in Thailand is a close cousin of Holi in India!

Mango and sticky rice -Lockdown art
Mango and sticky rice

I dint have pictures and videos of Thailand but I created them!

I love my job of travel writing but this is the beauty of travel that you may not be there physically, but you can always live and relive your memories in many ways. Taking a deep dive into your old travel memories is the best way to travel during the current times. One can write blogs, make videos, photo albums or drawings to capture them. I used the medium of art to recreate the experience of Thailand for myself and everyone. I captured some of my favorite things as below….

  1. Shopping in Bangkok
  2. Learning about the ways of greeting – Sawadee Kha
  3. The canal ride and floating markets of Thailand
  4. The long tail boats of Thailand
  5. The famous umbrellas of Chiang Mai
  6. The fun and fervor of Songkran
  7. Mango and sticky rice
  8. Thai dance
  9. The Tuk tuk ride in the capital
  10. Last but not the least, the famous Thai massage

Thailand drawing showing shopping in Bangkok
If you have been to Bangkok, you cant miss the Tuk Tuk ride as well as the fun of shopping!
Thailand drawings - Floating market!
Floating markets of Thailand

I won a GoPro Hero 8 for my video

I am told that more than 100 videos poured in for the contest. I even checked out more than twenty and there were some great works captured in few minutes. But I am glad that my video was loved by all for being unique and creative. This helped me to win a certificate as well as a GoPro 8 from Thailand Tourism. Yes, I am super excited to use it for my next trip. For all these years, I have shied away from making videos, maybe now is the time to go for it.

And before I wrap us this blog on ‘Throwback Thailand Video‘, I must thank Tourism Authority of Thailand for organizing this contest. It was a great way of engaging the travelers and influencers during this pandemic. Personally, it took my mind off from the grim news for a couple of days. It was a beautiful opportunity to create something new. As a traveler, the contest also took me closer to the fact that we learn so much during traveling and it always remains with us even when we do not travel. Enjoy the video below.

Thailand Video -Go Pro 8 and certificate from Thailand Tourism
Yaay! I won!

14 thoughts on “This creative video on Thailand won me a GoPro Hero 8

  1. I SO enjoyed reading this and watching your video! A big congratulations to you!! You are so talented, and I love how these drawings capture the essence of the things that stick out in any traveler’s mind who has been to Thailand. Your drawings and making the video were a genius idea. I really love this blog!

  2. So great that you were able to both travel virtually and win something with your drawings! And fascinating that you created your drawings from your memories and not from photos. I am sure the GoPro will come in handy on future travels. Maybe even to Thailand!

  3. I love this! Such a unique spin on the contest and great video! It offers viewers something different and really helps to understand your experiences while visiting. I agree, one of the best things about traveling is the memories and being able to re-live the experiences in our mind. Congrats on the go-pro and enjoy it for your future travels!

  4. Wow! Congratulations. You are amazing! I would also love a virtual trip to Thailand. Thank you for sharing this beautiful artwork. It is indeed very unique. Well-deserved!

  5. Wow this is what I call creativity at it’s best. Congratulations Manjulika not only for the award but the beautiful creations. Loved each of the drawings and the video which is so very different.

  6. Wow what a great win and you are not only creative in blogging but in creating drawings too. Congrats for your great win and I loved your drawings of Thailand which totally gives the brief overview of this lovely country within few minutes. I too love drawing and therefore it is the best way to represent our views. Now I would love to see your GoPro shots.

  7. I feel that Thailand is somewhere that most of us dream to go to! This was a very interesting virtual tour. I enjoyed how you have captured your memories into art. Congratulations on winning the go pro!

  8. This is awesome! What a fab video so creative. Loved how you really captured Thailands essence through drawings thats so inspiring. And to win a Gopro! amazing I never travel without mine. Congrats on the huge achievement

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