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JOHANNESBURG- 7 Weekends & 7 Memorable Experiences

7 weekends in Johannesburg

Right now, we aren’t free to travel as per our wish but we can definitely enjoy some virtual travels from the comforts of our couches. As a content creator, reminiscing about my past travels and contributing to arm chair tourism has been my safest bet in this pandemic. I feel I owe to this industry and thus I must not stop writing about travel. So today, I talk about how I spent my 7 weekends in Johannesburg. Four years ago, I got a chance to travel to South Africa during this time of the year. I did not go there for a week or two but for more than a month as my husband was working on a project in Jozi and I could join him. With food and accommodation being sorted, I knew I could manage the rest. And clearly it turned out to be better. I remember that I had loved the experience so much that I had even extended my trip from 5 to 7 weeks, because there was lots to see and explore and we could only head out on the weekends. Yes, it did turn out to be an epic trip and some of my best road trips did happen in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Road trips in Johannesburg
Some of my best day trips happened in Johannesburg! 7 weekends in Johannesburg!

The 7 Weekends in Johannesburg were used very wisely!

1. WILDLIFE -Lets go for it!

There are no ifs and buts when it comes to game drive or Safari. South Africa and wilderness are synonymous, rather incomplete without each other. Driving through the national parks, keeping a close watch on the bushes, picturesque landscape, sudden appearance of animals and a whole new perspective on wildlife is something that you will love to do when you are in South Africa.

I had my first experience of real wildlife in South Africa, in Johannesburg. The Lion Park, the Montecasino Bird Gardens, the Jozi Zoo are great for day visits but the real feel set in only when you go in a real jungle. The game drives in the South African National Parks are a must-do.

Only 3 hours away from Johannesburg aka Jozi, Pilanesberg National Park should definitely not be missed. And of course, you must plan for Kruger too.

Lion and Safari Park in Johanneburg
Game drive or Safari in Johannesburg
Pilanesberg National Park

2. MAROPENG -Cradle of Humankind

If you are interested into exploring a cave as well as learning about fossils, you shouldn’t miss Cradle of Humankind in Johannesburg. It is one of the eight World Heritage Sites in South Africa. I had never done cave walking before and I totally loved the experience. It was thrilling to go 60 meters deep inside the earth to see the caves which were formed millions of years ago.

While you must spare a day for the cave and the museum because each of them have lots to offer. The Sterkfontein Caves alone boasts of remains of more than 500 hominids (the hominid family includes modern-day humans and their direct ancestors) that were uncovered here, lending credence to the ‘Out of Africa’ theory, which is that humans and their ancestors evolved in Africa first.’

Out of Africa theory...
This is one place that will make you curious about human evolution theory!
My first cave walking experience
Aaah! Here begins the cave walking experience!

3. HARTBEESPOORT – “Harties” definitely won my heart!!

Hartbeespoort, also called harties, is a small resort town in the North West Province of South Africa, situated on the slopes of the Magaliesberg mountain and the banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam. On one of the weekends, we decided to drive down here and it was a great experience. Some tourists as well as locals prefer to spend a night or two here.

The best part of this place is that it is extremely picturesque. There are quaint corners and you can just pick any and settle there for hours. You may also choose to do some adventure and camping activities as well. ‘Haartebeespoort’ town means “gateway of the hartbees” (a species of antelope) in Afrikaans.

Travel blogger at HARTBEESPOORT
This place is full of such quaint and pretty sights!
Things to do in HARTBEESPOORT
Harties near Johannesburg!!

4. ORLANDO TOWER, Vilakazi street, SOWETO

Ever since I knew I was going to Johannesburg, I had the urge to visit the artistic Orlando towers at Soweto. And of course, I had to go the Vilakazi Street in Soweto – one of the most unique streets in the world.

Vilakazi street in Soweto (a township of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality in Gauteng, South Africa ) is special because it has a rather unique distinction. It is the only street in the world where two Nobel Prize winners lived and were close neighbors. The two men had a very important role to play in the history of South Africa and they are His Excellency Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and the most reverend Desmond Tutu. The street is very vibrant where one can visit Nelson Mandela’s house, meet Zulu tribes and be party to the local art and craft of Johannesburg. 

Below is the picture of one of the twin towers. Originally, they were cooling towers for the Orlando Power Station but now they are the only one in the world where bungee jumping takes place between two cooling towers. And of course the wall art keeps changing.

Orlando Tower in SOWETO
Paper Mache work in Soweto
Lots of Art and Craft is hereVilakazi street


This monument is unique in Gauteng. For all history lovers, this is the place to go. The Voortrekker is one of the most visited heritage sites in Tshwane and one of the popular tourist attractions in South Africa. As one drives towards Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, one can spot this colossal grey granite building from a distance.

It is built in the honor of the Voortrekkers (Pioneers) who did a great trek. The Voortrekkers were the backward people (Dutch speaking colonists) from the Cape colony who revolted against the British rule and demaned their own land. They did a great trek or migration. This great trek started in 1836 in southern Africa. Historical Frieze and the memorabilia in there is great to be inspired about the history of Africa.

7 weekends in Johannesburg
Voortrekker Monument
Great trek of cape colonists!
If you are curious about history, you must come here to learn about the Great Trek of Cape colonists.


Apart from India, if there is one place where you will find a lot of information about our ‘Father of the Nation‘ is South Africa, especially Johannesburg. Mr. Gandhi lived in many houses here but finally I did visit the Gandhi House too. But here I must share that there is information about him at the top of the Carlton Centre, the highest building in Johannesburg.

Gandhiji lived in Johannesburg from 1903 to 1914. He had a house in Albermarle Street. He was refused entry in the first lift at Victory House in Central Business District. He was enlightened with the ‘Philosophy of non-violence’ here. He fought for racial injustice in South Africa. He also served two terms in the Old Fort prison.

Mahatama Gandhi was enlightened with the'Philosophy of non-violence' in Johannesburg!
Heroes of Satyagraha -Johannesburg!
Look for Gandhi connect in Johannesburg!
Some rare pictures of Gandhi ji !


My trips are never complete without the art element. An while Johannesburg has great street art, I also had the privilege to cover ‘The Turbine Art Fair 2016’, one of South Africa’s most anticipated art events. Over 50 galleries from all over SA came together to showcase the best in African art. It was not only a great chance to learn about the work of some of the respected and emerging artists of the country but also experience and appreciate the artistic freedom of the country.

 I am always thankful to Turbine Art Fair organizing committee for inviting me as part of media.

One thing that remained constant was that all the 7 weekends in Johannesburg were about road trips!

Turbine Art Fair
Turbine hall has an old history and of course now the art fair!

So this is how the ‘7 weekends in Johannesburg‘ turn out. I really hope you enjoyed learning about Jozi and if you have been there, do share some of your experiences. Even thought we cannot travel these days, arm chair travel and exchange of information should not stop.

Take care!

9 thoughts on “JOHANNESBURG- 7 Weekends & 7 Memorable Experiences

  1. Each weekend is better than the previous. I am quite intrigued by the Sterkfontein Caves – would be really interesting to discover the roots. It would be interesting to know the South African Gandhi story. And yes, I agree with your favorite – totally scenic and those colors are just amazing!

  2. What great adventures! I haven’t been to this part of the world yet. But because I love nature photography, I dream of a photo safari. I love wildlife photography, so South African National Parks are a must-do. Magaliesberg mountain and the banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam look fantastic, too.

  3. We were certainly sorry we did not get to Johannesburg when we visited South Africa. I love the variety of things you found to see and do. Art and outdoors too. And it looks so different than Cape Town. Definitely on our list for a return visit to South Africa.

  4. I haven’t been to any of this places, but if given a chance, my first stop would be exploring the cave in Cradle of Humankind. The idea of Safari life looks and adventouros too, so I will not miss this experience in my trip to South Africa.

  5. I love how you divided it in weekend trips each so different than the next. It highlights how there are different types of activities available. I of course as a big fan of wildlife would love to do one of the Safaris. I also appreciate art, weather it is inside a museum or outdoors – and the Orlando towers looked pretty cool and I will certainly be adding those to my list.

  6. Wow lucky you being on a relaxed trip for seven weeks. It did bring back my South Africa & Johannesburg memories. It was a company sponsored trip for fifteen days for few of us as one of the partners in our JV was from South Africa. Lion Park, the Montecasino Bird Gardens & the Jozi Zoo were all well organized trips and we thoroughly enjoyed.We also visited Pretoria, Durban, Sun City and had a great time at Madikwe Safari Park.But I realize there is much more that we could not touch reading through your post. Certainly next time.

  7. South Africa is high on my bucket list and in this Johannesburg tops the itinerary. It looks you really had wonderful weekends here. Never knew about Cradle of Humankind in Johannesburg and I would love to visit this interesting place. Also visiting places connected to Mahatma Gandhi would also top my list. It would be great to see how locals here consider Gandhiji as Hero of Philosophy. Turbine art fair too looks wonderful and as an artist, I would love to visit here too.

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