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KALEIDOSCOPE OF CHEER AND HOPE – 50 illustrated musings on life during lockdown


Since I was not travelling, I decided to use this time and fulfill my dream of writing a book. I had always imagined my first book would be around my travel experiences but to my surprise it turned out to be about a phase when we were advised against it and travel hit its rock bottom. Nevertheless, the travel memories have kept me going. I have held on to hope and cheer and not given up. Travel will be back soon and I can’t wait to write a travel book. Until then you may enjoy ‘KALEIDOSCOPE OF CHEER AND HOPE’ and spread a word about my first book which offers a unique perspective on pandemic and our lives during lockdown.

An art book that captures the pandemic!
Escape with Art!
KALEIDOSCOPE OF CHEER AND HOPE has 50 such illustrations chronicling the life during pandemic!

Writing a book is a milestone in every author’s life. It is a ‘dream come true’ moment for many. But once you start pushing for your dream and leave no stone unturned in making it real, it leaves you overwhelmed, speechless, elated and much more. This is what happened to me when I actualized my long-lasting wish, two days ago. My first book ‘KALEIDOSCOPE OF CHEER and HOPE’ was released by Srijan Digital Collections on Amazon Kindle, on 1st July 2020. And I can’t even explain what that feeling was when I saw it there for the first time. As they say, first book is very-very special and yes it is. I can totally feel it.

I am a travel writer. I have written short stories. I contribute in several magazines and newspapers. But my ultimate goal was to write a book, one day. But to be honest, I was never in a rush to finish my book. I wanted it to be on a very unique theme. I wanted it to be special. I did not want to come up with anything just for the sake of it. It was very important for me to believe in my idea, the theme and the book. I wanted to write something which could make a difference, inspire people and remain useful for the times to come. I wanted to write a book that would be cherished and loved forever. And I believe this book fulfills some of my expectations. It is as real as it could be and it captures the most unprecedented times of our lives, the pandemic and all the aspects related to it. I have lived this book for the last four months. It has 50 illustrated musings in the form of diary entries which will take you on a journey that we all have taken together.

My first book!

KALEIDOSCOPE OF CHEER AND HOPE – 50 illustrated musings on life during lockdown.

The book consciously revolves around cheer and hope, two attributes that we have been constantly falling short of these days. The year has been miserable and cruel after a nasty virus took over the world. With all the grim news around, we definitely need positive vibes. Don’t we?

The book “Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope” is the outcome of my personal response to this exceptional period. It is a labor of love, feelings translated on paper. In the last few months, I have created over one hundred drawings, shoulder to shoulder with the everyday happenings, keeping a record of life during these unprecedented times. Here, I present fifty drawings that have entitled me to laugh, cry, emote, question and form new ideas. Art imitates life and these drawings have been my survival kit through these tough times. Now I want them to be yours.

The short notes in the form of my diary entries will help you see the pandemic, virus, lockdown, quarantine, stay-at-home memories in the same way as you, I or anyone else, may have lived.

My first book
A book on pandemic and lockdown!
I am also glad that my friends have been sending some of these lovely pictures of the book on their reading devices.

What makes the Illustrations so special?

For years, the faculties of imagination and creation have been used as a response to uncertainty and catastrophe. And art has been used as a testimony to those times, a vivid commentary. The current situation is almost similar. I wanted to make sense of the situation and capture it in its most vulnerable form. I used art for this.

No doubt, science has been saving the world from falling in the grip of the nasty virus but I bet, art has been empowering us to fight the battle. This book is also a humble attempt to blur the relationship between both, ‘life and art’ & ‘art and its viewers’.

Art work on Social distancing - Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope
Pictures speak a thousand words. The book has 50 such illustrations that capture our emotions.


The act of making personal notes and capturing the current situation into meaningful drawings gave birth to “Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope”.

This book is born in one of the most unprecedented times of history and it clearly aims to picture reality, create awareness, spread cheer, and convey that we are together in this pandemic. It thrives on authentic illustrations and vivid commentary on some of the most important events of the lockdown. The book promises visual meditation and helps in positive grieving.


KALEIDOSCOPE OF CHEER AND HOPE – The most gorgeous cake ever.

Ever since the book has been released, I have been feeling amazing. Initially there was lot of nervousness. I was not sure if anyone would read or buy it, but once it was available for everyone to read, I have not been worried about anything. The thought of being able to put out a book around the current scenario is much more satisfying than anything else. Last four months seem worthwhile. While I am enjoying every bit of this excitement, my friends and family have made the whole experience, all the more sweeter. I can never thank them enough. This book launch cake is the most gorgeous cake ever. It was sent by my amazing friend Lakshmi. I totally loved it. We had a hell lot of celebration on video call and made the best of things that we could do by staying at home.

Once again, I would request you to explore the book, read and share with your family and friends.

A book on pandemic
Released on Kindle Amazon

Hope you enjoy reading the book!

14 thoughts on “KALEIDOSCOPE OF CHEER AND HOPE – 50 illustrated musings on life during lockdown

  1. How interesting to collate your thoughts and drawings from this most unique time. And great that you were able to make these into a book and get it published. Congratulations! I love the cake your family make to celebration this accomplishment.

  2. Congrats on the book. It may not have been the one you planned, but it’s great that you put yourself out there and published your first book. One down .. many more to go. I have written multiple travel guides, and books about travel writing and self-publishing, and I still recall my first book with such excitement … well done yoU!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love how you took something negative and turned it into a positive by accomplishing one of your goals. Your illustrations are so fun and creative. And that CAKE is so adorable – what a perfect rendition of your cover. Congrats!!

  4. This is such a neat idea! It is certainly unique as the situation we are dealing with is so out of the ordinary. I think when this pandemic is over people are going to look back at the illustrations with a little bit of sadness at the memories, but will also find it a little bit humorous as (hopefully) a distant memory. Congratulations on accomplishing this goal!

  5. I am in the midst of reading this. And can quite relate to most of it, given that we were conversing on those few thoughts. These few months haven’t been easy but thanks to ventures like this and the Pandemic Positive, we have learnt to stay afloat and happy. Cheers to your new book and congrats once again!

  6. My heartiest congratulations on your very first book. I can imagine it feels like being on top of the world achieving this milestone. That has been a long life dream for me. For now I will live my dream through authors like you.

  7. First of all congratulations on writing your first book. Everyone wants to poem down one book in today’s world and I am one of those. However managing positive outcome during pandemic and ticking off your goal is a real achievement. Well done and many more to go

  8. Congratulations! I can imagine what a wonderful feeling it would have been to finally find the right theme to write about and see it published! The illustrations look lovely. It’s a great achievement to publish a book and you should be super proud of yourself, well done!

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