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This is an 11 years old post. Wow!!!

19th New Delhi World Book Fair commences from 30th January to 7 February at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This time around we have Books and Sports hand in hand. I must say a deadly combination. The wait ends for all those waiting to dig in their favorite sports book. Also if you have not been able to find the most talked about book on any sports and games, time to reach the right place. The theme goes wisely in pact with the most awaited event of the year-“Reading for Commonwealth”. It’s like preparing for the big Day, the theme revolves around the coming up Commonwealth Games scheduled to take place in Delhi from Oct 3-14.The pavilion this time focuses on books written on sports offer 700 titles published by 75 publishers across the country. It covers different genres of sports.

It is being organized by the National Book Trust (NBT) as always. A perfect place to dig in, for book lovers. There will be books on all subjects and from across the world but the central focus would be Sports and Games.22 countries are a part of this fair with Pakistan book foundation pulling out yesterday. A total of 1,200 Indian and foreign publishers are participating in the fair. There will be 2,400 stalls; the fair will take place in Pragati Maidan from 11 am to 8 pm.

Attraction: Books and Books and Books. What more to ask for? Latest Gadget: ebook readers – the latest craze in the book world. Sony and Kindle present their latest products.

Pi-India’s first book reader

According to its manufacturers Indian readers are in for a whole new experience with the launch on Thursday 28th jan, of Pi, the country’s first indigenous e-reading device that offers access to over 1,00,000 books and must more.

My take on 2008 Book Fair (18th one)

I have loved my visits to book fairs. I just love books around me.2008 book fair was a complete feast. It was a mega event, a big show for book worms. The year 2008 was declared as the ‘Year of Russia’ dealing with all the spheres and scenarios of the country Russia and several books dedicated to it. It gives an opportunity to browse through wide range of books. You have millions of them to choose from. I bought lots of books at nominal prices. One of the major book events across the globe.

At the fair, books for children are always focused at. There stalls are made attractive to pull them and inculcate reading habits. Not only for them, books of all genres are available for everyone at a common platform. All The books are showcased and even the recent ones are made available at some discounted prices. Also the rarest of books can be found in the fair. You have an amalgamation of cultures from different countries in the form of books. No subject remains untouched. Everyone finds books of his or her taste. A perfect treat for the book lovers’ .Also the publishers who get to interact with their potential customers. They get a feel as to what exactly is the flavor of the keen visitors so that they can work upon the demands.

It’s a biennial event; we still have the duty of making it an annual one. So book lovers just need to throng. More book fairs to catch up.

The 30th edition of the New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF), was postponed in January 2022 due to rising Covid cases!!

If you are a book lover and you read on Kindle – Check out my book “Kaleidoscope of Cheer and Hope.” I hope to see my book in the fair, someday.

8 thoughts on “BOOK LOVERS-GET SET AND GO-Its Fair Time!

  1. Too bad ,I won’t be able to make it this time in Delhi 🙁 .Last time when I attended DBF(in 2004)I spent 6000 Rs!! 😀

  2. I’ll be visiting the book fare on 2nd Feb.It will be my first visit to a book fair.

    also read my new post on youth activism on my blog ” BHARATVARCHASVA”

  3. nice place for the bookies…haha….i mean book lovers….wish i cud be in delhi to vist WBF….better luck next time manik!!!!!

  4. @manik– U wouldn’t have been saved without accompanying me to the fair..ha ha
    I know ur love for books…beware for next time.

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