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‘The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals’, made me nostalgic about Travel

Vacation Rentals - Netflix show

Have you seen the new series on Netflix, ‘The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals’? I binged on it all night and totally loved it. When it comes to destinations and places to stay, one can never have enough of it. This new series shows some of the most unique rent-able properties in the world. It may not be one of the best travel series that I have seen but it has the best timing. The concept, theme, exuberence and uniqueness of it is just perfect. During this ‘stay at home’ phase, every episode comes as a breath of fresh air. Each of the featured vacation rentals made travel look more interesting and exciting. Sometimes, it all about the place where you stay and this show will inspire travellers to experiment with vacation rentals. As a travel blogger, I could easily relate with the intention of showing travel and hospitality from a different perspective. The energy of the three hosts was truly infectious. If you are itching to travel and are looking for serious wanderlust inspiration, you must go for it. And when the world is healthier and happier to travel, you must not miss your favorite places.

This travel show delighted me as a traveller!

I have been blogging about armchair travel for more than an year now and this series made me feel like I was literally in the moment. If I had to describe it in one word, I would call it, ‘nostalgic’. It instantly transported me to the hey-days of travel blogging (pre-pandemic era) and the media trips when I travelled to different places at the drop of a hat, when I lived off beautiful properties and explored unique cultures.

Jo, Megan, and Luis have done a great job in the show. They have presented the rental vacations from all aspects, aesthetics, architectural beauty, structural uniqueness, cultural indulgence and fascinating interior decorations. I personally loved to see the insides of the igloo. I loved the Bali and Bahamas episode and it was great to see some of the most unique spots in countries which are still on my bucket list. The best part about these rental vacations is that they are suited for all budgets- from prviate islands to affordable to one-of-its-kind options. Due to the pandemic, most of the places didnot have guests. This also shows us how families or groups of friends can have these places entirely for themselves, totally in sync with the current requirements.

The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals will make you crave a holiday

I would be lying if I said I am not missing travel but I am still not ready to take a chance. Even though the world is opening up, I am happy to crave a holiday in my home. I thoroughly loved this show for its positivity, for the message that it conveyed and for all the unquenched passion to explore and see the world with new eyes.

Just like me, if you are also feeling low, unsure about how travel will start, what will be our options of exploring new places, and where should we start from planning, I would say lets look for some rental vacations. The show offers a very refreshing perspective with respect to choosing accomodation. The three content creators Megan Batoon, Jo Franco and Luis D. Ortiz travel to different places to live in some of the most interesting vacation rentals. They explore, experience and indulge in the destinations differently. And I totally loved the fact that there was no rush to see the top attractions of the places but the emphasis was on appreciating the beautiful rentals that provide us hospitality and make our travel enjoyable around the world.

Travel with Caution

The pandemic has changed a lot of things about travel and to deal with it, we must adopt the priniciple of greater good. I am not sure how my fellow travellers have been feeling about the changes (masking up, social distancing and personal hygiene norms) but personally, I have realised that health is priority and rest everything must take a backseat. In the past few months, it has seemed frivilous and insensitive to talk about travel and vacations when there has been a sudden rise of grief quotient in India and around the world. With mutating variants and the concurrent waves around, I was not sure if travel was even right. Weren’t travellers taking the virus from one place to another? With the rising cases, I underwent an emotional shift in my feelings as a travel blogger. I stopped rummaging through my hard disk, restrained posting throwback pictures and did not write any travel blog posts. But now that vaccination and herd immunity are the words to swear by and the world is opening up, I am not as disheartened as before. I want to embrace the new changes and I am definitely looking up to travelling soon.

Its time to be cautious and not let our guards down. And not to forget we must get vaccinated before we travel.

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