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Shoghi – My Soulful and Sublime Moments

Shoghi, Soulful

Where is SHOGHI?


Almost everyone I met in the last couple of days was curious about my Shoghi trip that happened in the mid of December. So before you ask me where is Shoghi or go looking for it on Google, I will answer it for you. 13 kilometers short of Shimla, Shoghi is a small but beautiful outlying town of Himachal Pradesh in India. Famous for its nature walks, hiking trails and bird watching experiences, the suburb finds a special place in the heart of nature lovers. And those who love exploring temples and have an inclination towards mythology, Shoghi has a treasure of several ancient temples. Not to forget, it owns a small railway station too.



15 days ago, I visited Aamod Resorts in Shogi!


If I had to define my stay at Aamod Shoghi in one word, I would call it ‘disparate’. It was distinct from the other Aamod properties that I have visited before. In literal terms, it was essentially different in kind. Right from its location amidst the deodar and oak forests to the hospitality of its staff, the lovely in-house spa, karaoke setup, dinner under the sky, bonfire nights and a tete-a-tete with the sun in the hills, this one promises a lovely getaway from the din of the city.



Tucked in the forests, the resort is beautiful and promises tranquility at every step. The cottages are beautifully spread out over a large area and one has to take big strides to be there. The way to the cottages is very exciting. Initially, it felt tiring to me but from the second day, I began to enjoy treading. And if you are perched on the top, be ready to hike your way through the forests to reach your cottage. Watch your steps too! They are curvy and edgy too. 



Overall, I had a great stay. Technically, I should be talking about the property and its amenities in detail, the food that we ate and all the activities that were planned for us by EscapeRoute but in this blog post, I only want to share the pictures of Sunset and Sunrise that I captured in Shoghi. The pictures showcase my soulful and sublime moments from there. Far from the maddening crowd and stress of life, I thoroughly enjoyed my closeness with nature on this small little hilltop. So often, we ignore these little moments of joy. Shoghi reminded me that conversation with nature is very important. I am craving for a peaceful holiday yet again. 



DAY 1  (Evening)


In the month of December, you know how it is in the hills. We had started from Delhi at 7 in the morning. By the time we reached Shoghi, it was evening already.  The Sun called for an early and chilly sunset. The sky had turned dramatic. It was an exciting and adventurous walk to the cottage (Room No.119) and the view outside my balcony was welcoming. I clicked the picture below just when I reached my cottage at the top.



Day 1 at SHOGHI
Just when I reached AAMOD SHOGHI 



When I am home, I am not a morning person but when I am traveling I am always up to make the most of the day. On the first morning, I got up early and walked towards the Jacuzzi area to see the sun rise behind the hills. I was told that one gets beautiful views from their spa location at 1800 meters and yes its makes for a see for sure. 



DAY 2 


Early Morning in Shoghi
 Morning at Shoghi



The Morning Moon
The moon was still hanging high on this side of the Earth.



Aamod Shoghi
I could see the sky changing its colors.



Picture of Sunrise in Shimla
The sunrise in the hills



It was a bright & Sunny day. I enjoyed and explored the property first thing in the morning. After breakfast, we went for trekking in the day and had one of the most amazing lunch at a local’s house. The 4-kilometer walk in total was very refreshing for the body as well as mind. Thankfully, I was back to my cottage in time to enjoy these lovely shades of the sky. 



The Evening Bliss



The sky turned all the more dramatic!



Day 3 

On the third day, we were supposed to drive back to Delhi around 12 in the day. It was supposed to be relaxed day with nothing on the agenda. I could have been lazy and chosen to remain in my blanket but I preferred walking to the spa area. At 6 a.m. my eyes were wide awake. I had an urge to walk around and hear the birds chirp. I wanted to click some pictures of the rising sun but more than the sunrise, I was up for those silent and sublime moments that oozed from the surroundings. I had fallen for Shoghi. I had fallen for nature all over again. 



Once again the moon was still in the sky and the sun was preparing to rise behind the hills.



Nature, Picture, Shoghi
The coloris moment!



Picture of the sun behind the hills, Shoghi
One blink and you miss the moment



Sun rising behind the hills
Sun takes over the sky with its sharp rays!



I promise to do a detailed post capturing the other adventures of SHOGHI.



8 thoughts on “Shoghi – My Soulful and Sublime Moments

  1. Wow!! you have got some lovely captures of the sunrise and sunset. You did all justice to waking up early in the chilling mornings for these views. And I would always remember the 2nd morning sunrise that you made me miss!

  2. Obviously, you need a peaceful place to throw away and rest after a long trek. This place looks serene and blessed with nature. Would like to visit it someday. Thanks for sharing.

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