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16 favorite photos, I Love Bali Because…


Bali is a beautiful island in the Indonesian archipelago. It will always remain a special vacation to me because it was my first international trip (honeymoon) and I was elated to find myself in Indonesia’s picturesque island. After Bali, I have visited more than ten countries but yet the memories of this island paradise have never withered away. Its ornate culture and soothing beauty has stayed in my heart and mind. And they say ‘Bali is as close to the Gods as clouds are to the mountains.’


Bali is about amazing art work!


Well, let me share this story from its past. A Dutch ship came to this island in 16th century and when the crew was asked to sail further to next destination, half of the crew refused and decided to stay. Yes, Bali has that charisma to captivate. 


Serene Beaches in Bali!

The Hindu culture, traditions and practices here in Bali are unique. The locals light incense sticks, offer flowers, candies to the deities and spirits. The Govt. buildings or shops usually house animal like creature draped in a checked cottons skirt right at the entrance. The idols or God are draped with dresses. Black, White , Red and Yellow umbrellas can be seen all around. Before you lose track, I must tell you the beaches are amazing too and there you fall in love with surfing at Kuta beach. The lush rich paddy fields just makes you stop and stay and click pictures. Ubud is the art hub. Rest everything is photogenic in Bali. Further more, the unpredictable volcanoes far away make breathtaking view points.The temples are beautiful and last but not the least Balinese locals are utmost warm and friendly people.


Balinese traditions- A small temple acting as a lamp post



The twitter handle of Bali tourism reads #BALIBECAUSE. I stumbled across it and next moment I was tempted to share my personal pictures and blog about my Bali experience. Here are my lovely pictures and favorite reasons to go back again!



Various Art forms are popular in Bali. Balinese art is art of Hindu-Javanese origin. Don’t miss the unique shopping experiences in the Art markets where you get to meet talented local craftsmen and see their outstanding work. UBUD art market also known as ‘Pasar Seni Ubud’ is famous and calls for a visit too. I so wanna go back and bring some more paintings for my house.

The Balinese roofs, the lush greens, the colorful paintings- everything calls me back to Bali


This picture was taken at a Art shop in Besakih temple


This picture was clicked at Bali Collection at Nusa Dua


BEACHES for the sand, surf and sunshine!

The surf at the KUTA beach is loved by all. It runs along a straight line and its beautiful. Kuta market is vibrant and you just can’t be in Bali without going there once. I visited Kuta beach twice. Nusa Dua is clean and beautiful. Take a book and just go for the sun tan here. I did it and I know it. Sanur beach is the best for sunrise. I stayed close to Sanur for 5 days and other 5 days opposite to Nusa Dua beach at Ramada. I was addicted to the beaches.


The sands on the NUSA DUA beach


Calm and Cool- Sanur Beach


My favorite was KUTA beach in BALI– says hubby in the picture!



Beautiful Temple complexes 

No visit to Bali is complete until you squeeze in time to do at least one temple. More, the merrier! Bali is famous among the honeymooners. Well you would say who goes to a temple on honeymoon but we did go and we loved the experience. There are temples in BALI which are considered very holy and religious and are extremely photogenic. A friend of ours took us to Besakih temple which is known as the ‘Mother of Temples’. Before leaving Bali we did the Tanah Lot and Goa Gajah too. All three are highly recommended from my side. Sunset at Tanah Lot will simply mesmerize you.

Besakih temple- Mother of all temples in Bali- 23 temples in this complex


Tanah Lot is much more mesmerizing than this picture, Our camera had died by the sunset time!



Sarong is to be worn in all the temples. This picture reminds me of Goa Gajah temple





Mount Agung is a strato volcano and it makes for the highest point in Bali. You will love to do the hike here. However we just did a lunch just opposite to it in a restaurant that gives you the best views of the volcano. Don’t forget to go for a romantic candle light dinner in Bali. The Balinese dance will find you in the eating joints if you have missed it. And if you forget to do the sunset at the Kuta beach or Tanah Lot, remember you will have to go to BALI again. I did all of this yet I wanna go back again.


We ate in the restaurant that gives wonderful views of Mt. Agung


Makes for one of the most romantic destination- Bali

Look for the Balinese beauties in their dancing avatars



I did tell you don’t miss the Sunset in Bali


Travel with me!!!

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If you have a Bali experience do blog about #BALIBECAUSE or atleast let me know why would you like to go to Bali? You never know the Island of Gods may call you over.

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  1. We are planning our next foreign trip here, but with family LOL. Let’s see how the family experience is 🙂

  2. Beautyfull…i would like to shate this with a friend living in Paris…could you please help me to do so?

  3. I always keep telling my husband that we are going to go to Bali one day. And he always asks, what is there for us to go. Now I can tell him what is there.. teehee… Thanks for sharing this..

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