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Travelers, Please Try Skirting India’s Skirt Talk!

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While I ask every traveler to ignore the infamous ‘Skirt Talk’ that has been doing rounds for the last two days, I also believe that in today’s times when women are choosing their decisions and destinations, they can any day decide not to visit notoriously unsafe and culturally backward countries. India definitely needs to be careful! Moreover, isn’t it high time that we warn the scandalous men and boys that they will be held guilty and would be punished severely for their wrong doings towards women.


Read the concerned voices below and you will know how one insensitive statement can damage the reputation of the country. We have been making this mistake again and again. Once again, it has left India in a bad taste. The views below are not only alarming but absolutely embarrassing for me as an Indian, as a female traveler.



Is it a Lost Game?


I don’t care about the measurements of the skirt but India has definitely shifted a few inches down on my travel bucket list! 

People stare, grope, stalk, molest and rape. Are we talking about India?
I love wearing skirts so should  I keep off from visiting India?
Do they think that we don’t read about their culture or their men before we come? We know the directives and safety guidelines Mr. Minister.
When the world has so many wonderful places to visit on this planet. Why would I give my time, money and energy to a country where they stalk and rape if we wear skirts?
What has my attire got to do with my safety? Can someone please talk about the mindset! 
Has anybody tried to keep the loafers, molesters and rapists of India in check?
Rapes happen everywhere in the world but in India the stats speak of a big number. Did all the girl wear skirts?
I was covered head to toe in pants, sweaters and cap yet I was harassed in India. I am not going back. 
I did change my plan of visiting India after watching India’ s daughter.
India is a beautiful country. However, how do I travel there peacefully when I have to move around with the fear of being sexually assaulted?
How about boycotting all those countries where women are not treated with respect?



I was privy to this discussion on a group called – Girls Love Travel and was shocked to see how some of the female travelers from different countries reacted to the ‘Skirt Talk’. I will refrain from elaborating as to what our ‘Minister’ said because now it has already been said, modified, contrasted and rebuked. However, I would only request our leaders not to make such discreditable statements on behalf of the country.


Thank God, all is still not lost


It is not about the skirt but the size of it and the places where it should not be worn.
India is majestic, a culturally rich, spiritually healing country!
The Minister only meant respectful dressing, it has been blown away by the media.
The culture at large is the biggest problem – but that’s worldwide.
Haven’t you heard ‘ In Rome, do like the Romans do’. This applies everywhere. One just needs to dress modestly in India.
Let us not listen to just one person. India is beautiful. 
No boycotts please! Whether you travel to India or somewhere else, it is always best to observe and respect the customs and culture of the country you are visiting.
India is huge, its different in the cities, in the towns and in the villages. We should not make the mistake of judging the whole place with one statement.
The people of the country are beautiful. Kerala, Mumbai, Goa are amazing!
Avoid the rape capital else India is great!
God save me from these men and these menial mentality! Yes, I will visit India…



I was pleased to read above statements from the other women travelers who had visited India and had loved it.



My Two Cents!!!


Well, I am not sure if very soon someone will be telling us the exact measurements of the skirts and the types of dresses to be worn but as far as I know my country, the magnanimity of Indian beauty and culture is way beyond these menial statements. The number of female travelers in India increases almost every day and the ladies of grit and determination trace inch and corners of the country without fear. Every time we travel, we ensure we are vigilant and responsible. Boycott is definitely not the solution because problems like these or some other exist in almost all countries. We can’t stop traveling. Can we? When it comes to dress codes, its not just India but many Gulf and Asian countries too come up with their directives. In fact, when I visited Riyadh, I even wore Burka. To be asked to adhere to a certain dress code is not wrong but to connect it with our safety and security is incorrect. And we know we lack here. 


I am absolutely not supporting the loose and controversial statement made by our Minister. It was definitely not framed properly and it left a bad taste for the Indian as well as Global audience. Ministers shouldn’t go about making such casual statements. It leaves an impression as if Indian men have no other work than chasing skirts, which is quite untrue. And when we know that there are some brats who must be set right, why don’t we take actions against the culprits? In fact, we should be talking more about strict rules and safety measures for both local and global women travelers than telling them how to dress.  India is undoubtedly a glorious land but if its fails to charm the beautiful ladies of the world, there is no point running big travel campaigns. At the end of the day, it is not the travelers but the tourism and economy of the country which will face the music.


By the way, I am wearing a skirt today and I have written this post from India. 

5 thoughts on “Travelers, Please Try Skirting India’s Skirt Talk!

  1. Rightly said, we should be talking more about the safety and security of people, in particular women and assure them that they’ll be safe instead of guiding what to wear.

  2. Nicely written..
    India consists of many states and cultures are different every where. People love to see you follow their traditional attire and try their language.. And women safety is a big concern in the whole world. We cannot point out which place is safest or not irrespective of dresses women wear. It’s the responsibility of everyone.

  3. Very well written Manjulika. I just hate how, recently, men in position have been making senseless statements, few outrageous at that too. Traveling is a responsibility and if anything we should up our facilities, resources, and security.

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