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#TRAVELPALS – We Dared to Discuss the Magnanimity of the Mighty Himalayas

Nepal, Himalayas


We are pepped up every month. We brain-storm around several topics. We pick one based on relevance. We discuss it with brands who approach us. We declare the dates. We invest a whole lot of energy into our discussions. And finally, we moderate our chat in many different ways. Who are we and what are we up to every month? We are 4 travel writers, bloggers cum enthu-cutlets who can talk about travel all day. Our passion for traveling and blogging brought us together two years ago and since then we have stuck together for many projects. Thus, we happily call ourselves #travelpals. We organize twitter chats for everyone who is bitten by the travel bug and we aim to spread the positive vibes all around. Follow us here – WETRAVELPALS.


In the last six months, we have done around ten chats but last few chats have been really special because we have started giving prizes to the most engaging participants. A number of brands have initiated conversation with us and the response to giveaways has also been extremely encouraging. 


Here is a quick sneak peek into our latest twitter chat where we partnered with Scout My Trip. The topic was about one of the most fascinating mountain ranges that boasts of many of the Earth’s highest peaks. The topic was very wide, interesting and something which had lots of scope to talk about. We invited participants to discuss ‘anything and everything’ about Himalayas. The chit-chat around the mighty ranges turned out to be super fun and educative.



Himalayas are mysterious. They are gorgeously spell-binding. They are one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. Every little chunk of it spells magic. They have so much about themselves that it is hard to fathom everything about them in one life. The different regions of Himalayas have been inhabited by varied people and many literature, mythologies, and religions have evolved from them. Mankind has always been attracted towards the highest of peaks for they were termed formidable. Initially the shepherds, pilgrims and traders found a way to these loftiest mountains but gradually it became a matter of obsession for the mountaineers because they wanted to conquer the apex of the snow capped peaks. Those who were fueled with the desire to indulge in the alpine wilderness and be lost in nature’s best creations began to be known as travellers. 


I am sure we have all had our first impression about Himalayas but a lot of things change as you travel to different regions and discover more and more about these bountiful ranges. There are many ways to experience the magnanimity. Trekking, hiking and road trips being the favorite these days. The trip to Himalayas is not just a dream trip but it is about many things. The spectacular views, enriching culture and the most humble and toughest people in these higher altitudes change you as a person.


Ladakh or Uttarakhand of Sikkim in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet are most visited for a tryst with the Himalayas. For the benefit of all, I am sharing all the ten trivia that were shared during the chat. 




The Mighty Himalayas are spread across five countries: Bhutan, China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. 


The Himalayas are host to many rare animals and one of them is Snow Leopard
The Himalayas are host to many rare animals and one of them is Snow Leopard


Himalayas, Travelpals, Sikkim
Responsible Tourism


Road trip in Himalayas
Road trips and vehicle maintenance in the Himalayas


Food in Himalayas
What should you eat when you are in the Himalayas?


Trekking, Hiking, Himalayas
Himalayas need a prior preparation. Watch for AMS.


Himalayas, Hidden gems
Let us find out about the hidden gems of the Himalayas.


Festivals are very important
Festivals add colors to a region


Ladkah, Spiti, Himalayas
Ladakh and Spiti


Uttarakhand, Travel Trivia, Ask us about Himalayas
Uttarakhand is a gorgeous and blessed Himalayan state


If you have something to ask about the Himalayas, you are most welcome. And don’t forget to join us for our next chat. 


Travel pals, Twitter Chat
We are travelpals


Happy Travelling!!

10 thoughts on “#TRAVELPALS – We Dared to Discuss the Magnanimity of the Mighty Himalayas

  1. This is really interesting. I do follow your updates but now will try to make it to your twitter chat as well.

  2. The Himalayas really are mysterious! That is a lot of trivia to find. I’m now following you and hope to see what you do on the next Twitter chat.

  3. So much cool information. And since I am a ski bum the mountains are always calling my name. 29,000 feet though not sure thats practical. Love the trivia concept, and I would have never guessed they celebrate New Years in Feb. Cool read. thanks for putting this together.

  4. Quite interesting to know about your twitter chat. Will join the next time.
    The mighty Himalayas has always fascinated me. Hope I’ll get to go soon as well.
    Happy to know that Sikkim has banned Polythene…

  5. I’ve participated in a few Twitter chats, but always seem to miss the times of joining because of the time zones! I’ve never seen the Himalayas, so enjoyed reading these trivia type questions. I’ll definitely look you up on Twitter and see if I can join the next one.

  6. Twitter chats are a great way to connect with like-minded travelers. The trivia is a great bonus. I had no idea that Sanskrit was still used as an official language anywhere and I would love to see a snow leopard in real life.

  7. I’ve recently been reading more and more about the Himalayas and they’re definitely slowly making their way up my bucket list. Definitely didn’t know about India’s first 100% organic state and it’s awesome that they’re doing so much to protect the environment. Great trivia facts! I definitely learnt a lot 🙂

  8. Reaching the Himalayas is one of the greatest achieve to some, and no wonder their included it to their list (this become a trend in many affluent circle). Not everyone can reach it and that’s the beauty of it – it’s challenging and worth the risk.
    Where is your next destination?

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