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5 Essentials to look for when booking a Budget Hotel

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‘A vacation is like love – anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia.’ – Source unknown



While looking for words to describe a recent vacation, I stumbled upon the quote above that helped me sum up my experience. Tired of my mundane routine, I looked forward to this vacation and now recount it with nostalgia. However, when it comes to the discomfort part, I wish I had done things slightly differently. Everyone likes going on a holiday but not everyone has the means to put up at a luxury hotel. So what does one do in such a scenario? Resort to budget hotels of course! However, unlike what I did when choosing accommodation, here are a couple of pointers that you ought to keep in mind while searching for a budget hotel.



  1. Being ‘Close’ Matters

An important factor when zeroing in on a budget hotel is its location. Ideally, the hotel should be close to where you plan on spending most your time – shopping malls, tourist destinations, great restaurants or corporate offices (if your travel is business-related). Irrespective of your purpose of travel, the hotel should be located in the city and not miles away. You wouldn’t want to spend most of your time travelling across the city and spending money in the bargain. Also, do keep in mind, if the budget hotel you consider staying at is located in some dark and dingy alley, you may want to change your mind!



Budget hotels in Delhi
Accessibility matters!



  1. Have Reviews? Read Them!

Never choose a budget hotel just based on the price factor. Most legit hotels will have a review section that contains personal experiences of guests who have put up at that particular hotel in the past. Read them! This will help you ascertain the reputation of the hotel and if you should go ahead with your booking. If most of the reviews posted by guests seem to be negative, please move on.



  1. Centre of Attraction?

Accessibility is key when choosing a budget hotel. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Choose a hotel that is easy to get to and is close to amenities like restaurants, hospitals, bus terminals, etc. Imagine having a tummy upset late at night and travelling for 5 km to get to the nearest hospital or medical pharmacy! With this in place, you can sit back, relax and make the most of your holiday.



Review of hotels
One must read the reviews to make a view. Picture courtesy – Shutterstock 



  1. Too Cheap for Comfort

So, how cheap is too cheap? If you are paying peanuts for your hotel room, do you expect the same in terms of room size, cleanliness, services and amenities? Having heard a lot about Treebo Budget Hotels from friends, who talk about quality rooms and great service while going easy on the pocket, I do plan to give it a try. However, there are many budget hotels out there that provide cheap rooms but neglect important aspects like providing clean bedding and towels, proper ventilation, etc. Your key to a stress-free vacation is being smart when it comes to choosing the right hotel.



Budget hotel, travel
Being on a budget trip should not mean compromising on the basics.



  1. Package a ‘No Winner?’

Before booking, it’s important to know what your hotel is offering you. This includes in-room amenities like the provision of a television, wardrobes to keep clothes, facilities for laundry and timely room service. While most budget hotels provide basic rooms, it’s best to do a bit of research and choose one that is worth spending money on. And yes, a big ‘NO’ to common bathrooms! If you plan on travelling in your vehicle, you may want to put up at a budget hotel that offers ample on-site parking space. If not on-site, be sure to check if the hotel has space to park your vehicle just outside the building. It makes no sense to park your car a kilometre away from the hotel or on some random road and risk theft.



Hotels in India
Amenities do make the difference.



There you go! Tips to help you book the right budget hotel for your next vacation. Unlike me, it won’t be all ‘trial and error’ and you are sure to enjoy your stay.

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  1. Wonderful tips. Especially that location point as many travelers(foreigners specially!!) tend to lose their grip on sights if the hotel is located at distances. Good work and keep blogging such useful tips.

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