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The Mysore Wall Art – Mysuru Dussehra

Mysore, Big celebrations of Dusshehra, Wall Art

Anything and everything around colors and creative work brightens my eyes. So much so that I am always on a look-out for random work of art, be it in the form of a painting,  a piece of crafted wood or color splash around the street. I am not a regular visitor at art shows or exhibitions but whenever I can, I definitely love to stop-by to appreciate things related to art.  As a child, art was definitely one of my favorite subjects. I couldn’t pursue it professionally in college but now I nurse a wish to do an art appreciation course some day because I am always very curious to know what the artist had in his/her mind while creating a piece of work. Moreover, I would love to know the background stories or the inspiration behind the art work. Now coming to Mysuru. Have you heard of Mysuru Dussehra? It is a very popular way of celebrating the festival of Dussehra in Mysuru. 

Colorful books were my favorite as a child but now I live to explore colorful places. Whichever city or country I may be in, I always look for street art, murals, local artists and more. I sincerely enjoy visiting museums which showcase paintings, art and craft from the past. I think I have found a very interesting reason to travel. My recent visit to Penang in Malaysia was solely dedicated to my love for art. MyTravel and Art Series’ is an attempt to capture local as well as international art in all forms and give you reasons to travel for it. 

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Mysuru, festivals of India

Mysuru Dussehra and its significance!

When I recently traveled to Mysuru for a certain travel assignment, coincidentally, it was the first day of Dusshera celebrations. To my delight, the city was lit up like a newly wed bride. Until, I landed in the city, I had no clue that Dusera was big in there. From the grand settings of Mysore palace and its lighting ceremony to the excitement at the Chamundeshwari Temple, everything about the festival celebrations was infectious. I was really happy to be a part of the fun and fervor of the famous Mysuru Dusshera.

Dasara Festival in Mysore completed 407 years this time. The city gets its name from the Demon Mahishasura who was overpowered and killed by one of the forms of Goddess Durga. Therefore, Dusshera is a 10 day festival in Karnataka state. On the first night, I attended the inaugural ceremony of the festivities when the lights of the entire palace go up in one go. Another major highlight of the festival was the Dasara exhibition at the grounds, right opposite the Mysore Palace. And last but not the least, I chanced upon some newly painted walls of the city too. I found two stretches of wall art and I ensured to visit them again in the day to share with you all.

Street art, India  
                          This Newly Painted Street Art Had So Much To Say About The Celebrations!!

Travel for Art, South India

Travel, Art

Mysore, Dussehra  

Art is a great way of peeping in the life of locals  
Celebrations and festivties depicted through art

I travel for Art  IMG_5417IMG_5423
I am sure these pictures gave you an insight into the culture and celebrations that are part of Dusshera festivities in Mysore. I was delighted to come across these colorful walls of the city. They added a different perspective to my travel. Even though, I could stay till the last day of the celebrations, I could see the royal procession that is held every year in the Mysore Palace, the dances,  sport competitions though the eyes of the artist. Every picture, from temples to rituals gives us a peek into the main highlights of the event. We must applaud the local artists who painted it all for us. Whenever you are in Mysore, don’t forget to check them out. 

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14 thoughts on “The Mysore Wall Art – Mysuru Dussehra

  1. That’s really colorful art and explains a lot about Mysuru Dussehra. I always love to know more about culture and festivals of different countries.

  2. I would say that you were really lucky that it happened to be the first of Dussehra celebration in Mysuru when you were there. I have been trying to attend one but hasn’t been much lucky. Love your wall art series. this definitely adds another perspective in travels 🙂

  3. This is great what absolutely awesome photos of all the wall art. I don’t know much about this area but really appreciate learning as much as I possibly can before I visit. It makes for a visit much more interesting when you learn about and understand a little about the culture before you actually go there.

  4. I remember Mysuru so well. It was one of my favorite cities in India. The art here reflects the city’s culture well. It would have been great if you could have included captions about what each scene depicts.

  5. Wow! That’s interesting!!! I remember your post on Penang’s Street Art. Interesting to see an Indian post as well. Lucky you that you got to witness the Dusshera celebrations in Mysuru. Stunning paintings indeed…

  6. This wall art in Mysore is incredible. You’ve photographed it so clearly too and captured the colours well. I had no idea this wall art existed in Mysore, I must check it out on my upcoming India trip.

  7. I love that you travel for art! I also love art and try to seek it out wherever I am travelling. Whether it’s street art, fine art or handicrafts, I always try to buy a piece of local art to display in my home to remind me of my travels. This art in Mysore is so beautiful and vibrant. I’ll have to add it to my list!

  8. I love finding cool street art when I travel too! These murals are beautiful and it’s even more meaningful that they tell the story of the Dusshera festivities. I’d love to visit Mysore sometime and see these cool pieces for myself!

  9. I admire your appreciation for art. I did notice these amazing wall art when I visited Mysore and Bangalore. These public art don’t only add a bit of color to mundane walls but also give us a glimpse of local culture.

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