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I have a Global Number. I used TSIM in 3 countries, lately.

I use Global Sim for my international travels

The cities where I used my Global number are Valencia & Ibiza in Spain, Bali & Lombok in Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur & Melaka in Malaysia.

Those who know me, also know that while I am traveling, I love to update my stories, my experiences and all that I eat on social media platforms. Many would feel its a distraction and social shares can wait. Of course, they can. That’s your thought and I respect it. But for me, its more authentic, while I am there. I like being in that moment and showing the real thing to my friends, family, audience and followers. In fact, my Dad and my husband often ask me, why haven’t you checked in your location or updated what are you doing? They keep a tab on my updates, right from the place I am. For this, I really need to be connected all the time. I know you are thinking of data and internet. Well, hotels do give wifi but that is never enough for me. So finally I decided to have a global number and gave in to TSIM. I used my Global number in Spain, Indonesia and Malaysia and its been doing wonderful.

So before I tell you the cities that I traveled to and give you a glimpse of the pictures that I posted, let me also tell you how the SIM helped me save my time, effort and money. I usually buy local sims but this time, I dint have to worry about anything. I had good amount of minutes and data to start of with. As a traveler, I am always on the move and hence I had been contemplating around the idea of buying an international number.

Refundable and for Lifetime

Global Sim Card
Lifetime Global Sim Card

Advantages of having a Global SIM Card

  • Being a telecom engineer, I like to buy local SIM cards and experience the network but having a Global number saves you from heading to a local telecom store instantly. There are some countries where you have to provide proofs and residency, and in some places, the sim takes a few hours to function properly. I faced this issue in my last Euro trip where my sim dint function till I did a small top up. Gladly, I had the Global SIM in the recent trips and dint have to worry about anything.

  • Honestly, its not possible to buy SIM card in every city. First its expensive and second, its a hassle to keep changing sims on your cell phone on-time when crossing country borders. Storing old sims also needs a lot of care. Also, choosing the right plan by the right operator, for your 2, 3 or 7 days stay is quite a hassle.

  • Having a ‘Global Sim; is one thing that I am sure my father has been more thankful about than me. He is always very concerned about my safe arrival. So having a confirmed number is very assuring for family and friends. They really don’t have to wait for you to contact them. Though watsapp calls are simpler but there is always an advantage that this SIM enables you to receive calls for free in many countries

  • My sim has a lifetime validity. Its rechargeable and it doesn’t expire. What more could you ask for? I credit or recharge it as much as I need. Also, I try and use Wifi, where ever its available. But most of all, I have peace of mind that I can be connected to the world any time.

  • Solo traveling becomes very easy and you tend to feel more confident if you have a working number with you. Second, downloading Google maps is never a problem. We can book cabs whenever we want. Also translating different languages becomes easy. Like in Spain, you really have to get a hang of Spanish. While reading the menu cards in restaurant, I use to use internet to translate the fascinating dishes.

  • Personally, I love to walk a lot and explore offbeat, non-touristy stuff. Wifi zones are not available everywhere. My TSIM and information shared by Google guides really helped me to ditch cabs, walk to not-so-popular places and hunt for the hidden gems.

  • I also like the fact that you are not always, under the pressure to top-up or recharge. The local sims keep sending messages that you need to top up and blah, blah. This one bothers you with nothing. You act only when you want.

  • The refundable policy is perfectly suited for those who are not interested in using it further. If you use 2.8 GB after subscribing to a 6 GB SIM card, your usage will be taken to be 4GB, and you will get refund on the difference between the price of a 4GB and 6GB card. This refund is available for 12 months after payment. But trust me, you really don’t need to refund it.

  • You must know that there are no billing shocks. You don’t have to get worked up about data usage. There is no rent or monthly minimum usage. Currently, when I am not traveling, I have put a call forward on my Indian number.

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Happy Traveling!!

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