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1st May 2020 : When people dint travel but….

Lockdown Art

When people dint meet but counted days & waited with bated breath to meet each other.

When people dint enjoy self-isolation, house-chores and cooking but they did to pep each other.

When people dint opt to work from home but they worked a way through the economical crisis to save each other.

When people dint travel but they reminisced old memories and talked about flights, airports, hotels to safeguard the crippled travel industry, for each other.

When people dint buy or indulge in reckless shopping but gave away more to protect each other.

When people dint just read books and made art to keep their passion afloat but to inspire each other.

When people dint hug or say “I love you” but they meant more for each other.

When people dint flaunt about shapes or sizes but only talked about flattening the curve for each other.

#Lockdown poetry

Apart from the armchair travel posts that I am writing, I am also keeping myself engaged in art work and poetry. I made the above art piece and scribbled this poetry on 1st May 2020 and I am leaving this note below because I want to remember it this way.

I was very upset on 29th April when one of my favorite and a brilliant actor Irrfan Khan Sir passed away. While we were still reeling with the pain, we woke up to the news of Mr. Rishi Kapoor passing away. The last two days of April felt absolutely devastating. For the first time, I literally wished if the year 2020 could be erased. By the night, the news read that the Russian PM had been found positive for the virus. So no one can be spared of this virus. And on 1st May, the lockdown was extended for two more weeks. This was supposed to be Lockdown 3.0. The number of cases in India were on a rise and more than 2000 new cases had been reported in the day. I knew the world was changing, a lot had already changed, maybe for the good, which is beyond my comprehension for now. But something is very scary about the year. But lets hope for the best and pray that we manage to sail through……

2 thoughts on “1st May 2020 : When people dint travel but….

  1. Hi,
    Came to your blog after ages today. While I am already in love with your lockdown scribblings, the armchair poetry left me speechless. Multi talented gal!

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