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A lesson for a lifetime: Take print out of your favorite travel photos!

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I almost had a heartbreak when my hard disk crashed last month. The device slipped from my hand and I lost almost 1 TB of data which was beyond retrieval. The moment it hit on me that I wouldn’t see my stuff anymore, there were knots in my stomach. There was no sweat on my face about losing the music, movies or others folder but the pain of not seeing my travel photos was unbearable. This damage meant much more than it seemed. I had lost access to some of my oldest and favorite pictures of the travels that I had done with my husband just after our marriage. And we had no print photos of them.


This incident reminded me of my grandmother’s favorite wooden box. She was extremely possessive about it and would keep all her photos tucked in safely. Now I knew why she was so careful about some of the faded and half-burnt family photographs. Losing memories can be traumatic.  



Travel photos, Photojaanic
Losing memories or your best travel photos can be traumatic. I have been through it and I know it.



After this debacle, I was told by almost everyone that I should have kept a backup, bought a digital space and saved the best ones in the photo frames. This is the time I realized that despite of being on regular travels, I had not saved my old pictures in any hard copy format. In the days of digital cameras and hard drives, I thought I was immune to this kind of photographic loss and never did it occur that they would be swiped off my memories in one go. But now preserving pictures has been the most important task on my mind. I ordered two new hard disks but before that I have also pledged that I will maintain albums and decorate my room with my favorite digital photos.


I read on Google and here I learned some interesting ways and reasons to use our travel photos, the hard copy way!


  1. If you love clicking photographs, use them for decorating thematic rooms. Take hard copies of your photos and get them framed. Put them in different rooms. For instance, I love clicking flowers and wildlife pictures. One of the easiest ways for me was to order postcards through ‘Photojaanic’.



Travel photos, Decorate the house with travel pics
When you hold your pictures in your hand or when you decorate them in the house, you will get a sense of accomplishment.



  1. Blow some of the best pictures into poster sizes, maybe the hiking ones or the gorgeous pictures of your cruise experience. The image pops out beautifully and adds a stylish character to the room. This is a super cool way to add artsy flair to the house walls.



  1. I also realized that having a photo wall or simply a photo frame in your own room is a great way to relive your favorite moments every day. You can wake up to your special photo. Seeing your photo at the Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower with your partner at the side of your bed will always give you the right kick to start your day energetically.



  1. Personalize your stuff with pictures clicked by you or your kids. Enlarging some of the random images of landscapes or beaches will also give you or the photographer, a sense of accomplishment. You will have the urge to learn the tactics of photography and maybe one day you will want to do an exhibition too.



Travel photo, Photographs
Let your travel photos inspire you to be a better photographer.



  1. If geography has been your favorite subject and world map is your muse, how about making a complete collection with pasting pictures of specific places on the map. This way you will always be able to see what countries you have visited and which one you still need to do. This can also be done on the map of India. I am sure covering all the states of India would make for a feat.



  1. Make scrapbooks of your sweet little moments and see them when you are feeling low. If you have a writers’ instinct, just jot down a few details of that trip and specialties of the place. It will be so much fun when your kids will see them or even you 15 years down the line.



Travel photos
Before putting them on the wall, you can work around different shapes.



  1. Travel memory box is a cool idea that I have picked from my friend. She takes prints for all her pictures and stacks these vacation photos with all the tickets or other collectibles that she brings back from different places. They make an adorable couple and when you look through their pictures, you get some serious relationship goals.



  1. Unleash imagination by making shapes on the wall with your travel photos. How about a shape of a lamp for Diwali or a heart for Valentine’s Day or a square made of photos?



  1. Nail your photos here and there in your living and take everyone down the memory lane. I am so loving the random collages that I have made of my own pictures. This may be narcissism but it is fun. Pull down your phone’s photo album. Trust me, you will love to print more pictures than just click.



  1. I never knew that pictures could add so much liveliness in a dull house. I wouldn’t have kept them stored in the hard disk. Pictures tell your stories, they tell your family stories and without fail they tell your dearest stories.



Photojaanic, Print Photos
Taking a lesson for a lifetime, I have already started collecting my photos in print format.



Review of the Travel Products ordered by Photojaanic


This festival season was all about decorating my house with my newly acquired knowledge. I used all the above ideas and tried using my pictures in different ways.  I started with ordering 30 print combinations of Mini, Square & Photo prints of sizes 4×6 and 5×7 and few posters of my travel photos.



Seeing my recent pictures in hard copy thrilled me to the core. The pain of losing the hard disk and the photos was lessened for sure. The quality of the paper is nice and the finishing is just perfect. I was super impressed with the timely delivery too. I can’t wait to make a new collage for my bedroom.



How to do?

Open the site.

Decide the products that you wish to convert your pictures into or the size of prints that you want for the frames.

Choose your images. This will also make your revisit all your old collections in all the storage spaces that you own.

Save them in folders on the computer.

Drag and drop them on the products of your choice.

Press order!

Happy traveling!

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  1. That’s a great story and physical copies are the best .

    Need some info on photojaanic , do they have free shipping or come with a shipping charge

  2. I usually get print outs and photo books from another website. Shall try this one next time! PS: sad that you lost some of the precious photos.

  3. The images are clear and the scenario of the wildlife prints is so colorful.
    Photojaanic does have a sparkle of making their Printing an effective service to all.

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