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10 Amazing Reasons to Visit PRAGUE

Travel itinerary of Prague

Located in the heart of Europe, on the banks of the gorgeous Vltava River, an ancient city, home to a fairy-tale castle, replete with a diverse and fascinating history and famed for its inherently beguiling architecture, Prague is an irresistibly desirable getaway. How could one not visit the city where Kafka wrote his masterpieces and classical music of Czech reigns supreme? Here, take a virtual trip with me to Prague and be lost in its charm. In the last section of the blog, you will also find 10 amazing reasons to visit Prague.

You must not miss Prague during your Euro Trip

Best known for its historic Old Town Square, globally acclaimed Prague castle, charming Vltava River, blooming gardens, surprising street art, famous John Lennon Wall, and the photogenic Charles Bridge, Prague is overwhelming with its offerings.

Tugged at the crossroads of vibrant history and architectural antiquity, it is fair to say that Prague is a lively, multicultural, and vintage-personified city. Aside from offering a multitude of museums, scintillating viewpoints, and delectable foodie experiences, the city itself is gorgeous in every season. The captivating architecture, art nouveau facades, and fairy-tale Gothic towers leave one amazed at every step. Spend your first day getting introduced to the most iconic Prague Castle, the picturesque neighbourhood around the castle, and Mala Strana. A visit to the Petrin Tower, the Church of Our Lady of Victory, the Church of St. Nicholas, and the City Square will be worth your time at Mala Strana.

In the days to follow, one must also see the best of the oldest neighbourhoods located on the east bank of the river. At Staré Město, walk along the streets of Kaprova followed by a visit to the Clementinum.  A tour of Vyšehrad Fortress, Prague’s Jewish Quarter, and Terezin Concentration Camp will further elevate your historical and cultural interests.

No trip to Prague is complete without romanticizing the sunsets around the Charles Bridge and later gawking at the city’s 15th-century astronomical clock. Also called the Fred and Ginger, one must look for the famed Dancing House of Prague.

To delve deeper into the gems of the city, keep a day for the exciting sites at Pařížská Street, the Powder Gate, Náměstí Republiky (Republic Square), Wenceslas Square, and Nové Město, Free walking tours may be a great addition to your itinerary because this UNESCO-listed city, the capital of the Czech Republic, or Praha (the colloquial name) is best explored on foot.

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Puppets of Prague
Marionettes of Prague

Going Quirky and Interest-Based in Prague

The intrepid visitors are in for some fantastic and quirky surprises in Prague. You must be an aficionado to go looking for Picasso’s Cubist-style houses, the doorless elevators, the ghost walking trails, the Vietnamese communities, and more. Prague also promises a crazy and unreal nightlife. The pub crawls or the bar-hopping tour is one of its kind which may introduce you to different kinds of music, DJ-powered parties, and a wide selection of cocktails. In one night, you will find acoustic trios to quartets, Dixieland music, funk, and fusion. For the best photographs and a 180-degree view of the city’s historic skyline, perch yourself atop Lobkowicz Palace.

For adventure lovers, Prague is best explored by treading on the mountain biking trails. Bike trips, and hikes, which are fun, unique, and adrenaline-pumping. The hikes will reward you with some great views. Look out for the world’s largest equestrian statue at the Vítkov Hill in the east of the Old Town. In Prague, do not miss the beer spas around Karlovy Vary region. Stroll around Letna Park which not only promises unforgettable views of the city but is great for hiking, skateboarding, picnics, and other outdoor activities. You may also scoot around many parts of the city in segways.

In Prague, do not be surprised to find escape and scavenger game rooms. The city will impress you with its vibrant marionettes and puppet gala performances. National Marionette Theater is Prague’s oldest puppet theatre.

Prague Itinerary
Dancing House in Prague

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Conservatory of Europe

In Prague, one cannot walk past the sounds floating from the churches (which double up for concerts as well as recitals) and very talented street musicians. Prague is the land of classical music and is now also known for beautiful venues and concert halls throughout the city with nightly performances. Learning music, and playing instruments is like studying for the locals. The Prague Conservatory was founded in 1888 as the first musical conservatory in central Europe. The birthplace of famed composers Antoní Dvořák, Leoš Janáček, and Bedřich, has a deep connection with music, in the past and even now.

While Mozart chose to release its famous Opera Masterpiece Don Giovanni at the State Theatre, the city boasts of a passionate heritage towards music. The city hosts countless music festivals and music-centric events all year round. Some of these music festivals bring together the world’s best wind musicians, ensembles, and conductors, as well as scholars. To name a few, ‘Strings of Autumn’, ‘Prague International Jazz Festival’, ‘Prague Carnival’, and ‘Prague Spring International Music Festival quench the thirst of music lovers from around the world. For unique musical experiences, find your way to Municipal House, headquarters of the Prague Symphony Orchestra or Rudolfinum headquarters of the Czech Philharmonic.

Must-eat in Prague
The Chimney Cake is heavenly. Dig in!

Eating away in Prague

Under an expert guide’s tutelage, one could spend a whole day eating their way around in Prague. The glorious capital city has an inventive and interesting food scene with some of the best traditional restaurants in Europe. There are too much of hearty soups, delicious meats, pickled vegetables, and cheeses. Take the plunge to indulge in its endless varieties of craft beers and traditional Czech dishes like uzené (smoked meat), roast pork, and guláš (goulash).

Czech goulash is different from its Hungarian version. Your trip beyond the city center or Old Town in search of Vietnamese egg coffees and the most decadent větrník pastry in town will be worth it. In Old Town Square, look out for small shops selling a heaping bowl of Halušky, sausages, brown bread, sauerkraut, mulled wine, and hot honey wine. Vepřo knedlo zelo, a slowly roasted pork dish is the national Czech dish.

In Prague, there is no dearth of artfully decorated coffee and espresso drinks. And of all the things, you cannot miss the traditional trdelník chimney cakes. Food festivals are frequent here and even tourists can find one for themselves.

Travel Writer Manjulika Pramod's article in Indigo inflight magazine
An edited version was published in Indigo’s inflight magazine

10 Amazing Reasons to Visit Prague

  • To experience the vibes of the Charles bridge and the Vltava River.
  • Franz Kafka Museum —Kafka widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th-century literature, was from Prague. There is a museum dedicated to his life and you must find the sculpture in the square on Dušní Street, in the Jewish Quarter, that gives tribute to him.
  • Did you know Prague is second only to New Orleans in having the highest number of pubs per capita?
  • A paternoster is a type of lift that has open compartments and does not have a door. You may want to see some of these old but risky lifts in Prague. There is one in Prague city hall as well.  
  • Take a walking tour to get a perspective on the communities and artists of Prague while discovering some of the city’s best street art. You might also want to know about the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Don’t miss the chimney cakes during your walks.
  • Havel (Havelské tržiště) Market, from 1232, is the oldest preserved market for tourists in Prague.
  • Have you heard about Sedlec Ossuary- a strange example of macabre art? It is a cave-like space adorned with the bones of 40,000-70,000 people.
  • Prague Municipal Library is very interesting because this is where you will find a secret spot for falling down a rabbit hole.
  • Czech puppetry is unique. You will love to stumble upon vibrant puppet shops and kiosks, showcasing puppets and wooden marionettes dangling from strings. You could join a marionette-making class and learn from the best.
  • Prague has been a favorite destination of many Hindi film makers. Bollywood has shot many films in Prague. Even Shah Rukh Khan has some iconic scenes there. If you wish to just see those places and live some of the romantic moments, go for Prague.

Disclaimer – This is the first draft of the article that was published in the inflight magazine of Indigo- Hello 6E.

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