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Enter SMAAASH To Play Like A Child

Noida, Smaaash, Gaming

It is time to take you through an exciting gaming experience which will definitely excite the child in you. Last week, I was thrilled to fly in the air, make my own roller coaster route and dig in at ‘Mighty Small Café & Bar’ at SMAAASH. It was a fun-filled launch event and looking at the enthusiasm of the people present there it was clearly evident that the opening of this Virtual Reality based gaming sensation was anxiously being awaited by the gaming enthusiasts of the city. Thanks to the media invite, even I had no qualms in going all the way from Faridabad to indulge into this stimulative and interactive experience.  Trust me, you and your kids will love it too.


SMAAASH at Noida
SMAAASH at Noida



India's first carnival themed restaurant at Mighty Small, SMAAASH, Mall of India, Noida
India’s first carnival themed restaurant at Mighty Small



What is SMAAASH?

2016 is the year of ‘Virtual Reality’ and SMAAASH is an entertainment arcade with one of the best VR based games. I was surprised to find an unmatched range of games here. The place combines the best of sports, music and dining into a highly immersive, interactive, innovative and involved entertainment experience. Playing games has never been as real or virtual as this.


I am fond of roller coaster rides but they make me dizzy. Finger coaster turned out to be super fun for me. This was the ride that I started with and thoroughly enjoyed it. Walk the Plank was equally exciting when I flew in the sky, over the sea and land.  I am not a great cricket buff but the great cricket player in you will love to play against the greatest bowling legends of cricket with ‘SMAAASH Cricket’-a one-of-its-kind 360 degree cricket simulator. The bowling experience is meant to give a new high and playing against the supersonic goalkeeper was one thrilling experience. FlyMax is yet another exciting fun which uses the Virtual Reality technology to let us experience the thrill of extreme hang gliding.


SMAAASH, Noida, Gaming, Art, Virtual Reality


The Story behind SMAAASH


I have always felt that children in India are not allowed to play much. Every time, you have to cut short the playing time because there is a special emphasis on studies. Personally, I would never spare much time to play games because there wasn’t much inclination and second there wasn’t any persuasion. In school, the games period was never enough to identify my interest in any particular kind of sport. I think its very important to experience the thrill to connect with it. SMAAASH is just the place to try all that you have never done before. You might be scared to do something in real but you will love to conquer it here in the virtual world. And by the time you will be done with it, some of the fear will be gone too.


It was very interesting to learn about the founder Shripal Morakhia and the story behind SMAAASH.  Mr. Morakhia felt that he had not been able to play enough in school and thus he decided to make a place where people of all ages could come and indulge in games. Isn’t it inspiring to see people do such things for their own passion and for others too? In fact it is a learning to all of us that some things which are close to our heart can be given such beautiful forms with the use of technology.


Fly max, Hang gliding, Games, SMAAASH, Mall of India, Noida
FlyMax uses the Virtual Reality technology to let you experience the thrill of extreme hang gliding.



Nitro wheelie, SMAAASH, Noida
Nitro wheelie at SMAAASH



10 Things that I loved about SMAAASH
1.Once we entered SMAAASH, we did not have to buy a ticket. The process is simple. A card was given to us which was loaded with some money. At every ride, we just had to swipe our card. The rides were of different variety and thus they were charged at different prices. One has complete freedom to do pick and choose.

2.As soon as I walked in, I was in love with the ambiance of the place. It is a buzzing place where one could come to play, eat and chill out on any holiday.

3.The changing colors of lights, the energizing music score in the background and the attractive VR based games using the powerful simulative technology and innovative design make it a uber cool sports-centric hub.


4.It is a great place to organize kids parties here. I think both children and their parents will love it. The card system makes it very easy to monitor the expenses of the kids. You don’t have to give them  money for every game. Just get the card recharged and give it to the kids. The elders can sit at the cafe and enjoy their conversations while the children are exploring the rides. And trust me, the grown ups will love the games too.

5.Finger Coaster is thrilling because you get to make your own roller coaster and then you take a ride on it too.






6. We have all heard about time traveling but at SMAAASH, one can experience it in the most immersive and enjoyable form. Just look for Smart Arcade.


7. We hardly have Sports entertainment in India and thus I am glad to see such places come in. Immersing in virtual sports definitely takes one closer to the real sport. There is a unique thrill in experiencing it first hand than just being a spectator.


8. A 360 degree cricket simulator promises the exhilaration of facing cricket legends like Dale Steyn, Wasim Akram and of course the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar. Who wouldn’t want to do this?


9.  I was impressed to see it all work so efficiently with a mix of motion and positional tracking, virtual reality high definition Head Mounted Displays (HMD) and state of the art graphics engine. Games like ‘Walk The Plank, Finger Coaster, Fly Max, Face Ronaldo’ are meant for everyone. They transported me beyond a world of dreams and imagination.


10. Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Cristiano Ronaldo,  are associated with Smaaash. Naming the cafe as ‘Mighty Small’ is definitely a very humble and expressive way of reminding people of these great sportsmen and thanking these stalwarts for extending their support to Smaaash.



Mighty Small Café & Bar 


SMAAASH,Mighty Small Cafe,Menu,Noida
SMAAASH-Mighty Small Cafe- Menu-Noida



Once we were done with exploring some of the games, my friends and I decided to sit down at the cafe. We ordered a Mezze platter, Cheese Fondue and Chickpea-Spinach salad. The cafe was very crowded and thus we had to patiently wait for the delicacies to arrive on our platter. Once the food arrived, we were amazingly impressed with the taste and the flavors. I liked the trendy twist to the flavors. The fondue (desi style) reminded me of my Zurich visit. The breads in the mezze platter (with Arabic influence) were fresh and delighting. Chickpea and spinach made a very healthy and tasty combination. (Check the pictures below)


The quirky name – Mighty Small is truly influenced by the glorious lives of Sachin, Virat and Ronaldo.  These players with humble beginnings have taken over the world with their skills and hard work. Some of the dishes look refreshing relishing right from the time you look at the menu. Be it the ‘Chocolate Earthquake’ or the ‘Volcano of Nachos’. There is desi ‘Makhani Fondue’, ‘Sachin’s Fav – Chakhna Salad’ or D-I-Y Lettuce Wrap. Apart from the food, the cocktails, signature sangrias and other mocktails are all served in small, mighty and mightiest avatars.

Do try this place as soon as you can and let me know about your experience. Looking forward to hear from you.



Mezze Platter, SMAAASH, Noida
Mezze Platter



Fondue, SMAAASH, Noida, Mall of Noida



Chick pea, spinach salad, Mighty Small Cafe and Bar, Noida
Chick pea and spinach salad



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