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My Travel Bag To Wimbledon With #AllenSolly

Allen Solly, Travel Bag, Wimbledon

I have been tennis mad ever since Steffi Graf and Monica Seles have battled for the coveted position of best female tennis player. Pete Sampras used to make me weak in my knees and I used to follow Andre Agassi’s games right from love to set score. Thus, I am super kicked about this activity with #AllenSolly where I am supposed to pack my bag for yet another unique travel experience. Its the first serve but for now the ball is in my court and I am all set to ace it.


Wimbledon, London, Travel Bag
As I pack my Bag to be at Wimbledon!


WIMBLEDON it is…..


When you are supposed to fly to London to watch the WIMBLEDON championship, it just cannot be easy to decide what to pack and what to leave. Trust me, I have made several runs between  my wardrobe and suitcase and yet I am yearning to shop more. The oldest and one of the most prestigious tennis tournament has been on my mind ever since I have been selected to write this blog. Even though the ‘All England Club’ becomes a buzzing place during the period of late June and early July, I just can’t wait to be there. The thought of watching the match from #SollySportCenterCourt is already giving me goosebumps. Catching the action on the green court would be like a dream come true for me or for anybody who loves watching tennis.


Travel Bag to London, WImbledon
Purple and Green are the Wimbledon colors…


Here I go packing….


London in June is the best season to be there.


June is the time to be in London and world’s premier tennis tournament-Wimbledon is one of the biggest event of the year to look forward to. Lets start packing right away.


Summers in London


I love colorful dresses and I have packed everything from red to yellow to blue to green to white to purple. Its gonna be a pleasant weather in London and I am super excited to make the most of it. The blogger in me is excited to travel, explore and paint the town in all colors. And purple and green will be my favorites because they are Wimbledon colors.


Classy but Comfortable clothing


London fashion is smart, quirky and fashionable yet everyone has an eye towards comfort. Although there is no specific dress code for Wimbledon spectators, its means to be sporty and classy. For my look, I have a number of things on my mind and therefore I am carrying a number of choices. I will take the final call when I am actually there. Touchwood! It might happen this year. Lets believe in the secret powers of the positive thoughts.


 Variety in my Bag!


For all these years that I have been traveling, I have been trying to learn the art of packing. The most difficult part of it is to pack a light bag. Being a girl, its so tough to choose and decide. But now I have cracked the code. This has worked for me in the last few trips. So instead of packing too many dresses of same color or type, I keep variety in the bag. And second, I love to mix and match with my dresses.  So while I have packed a short dress, a knee length dress and a full gown, I have also picked one of each – shorts, capris and jeans. I am carrying a sweatshirt as well as a sweater. To add on to it, 2 t-shirts, 2 shirts , 1 shoes and 1 high heel is all that I need.




From comfortable inner-wear to ruffle blouse, from sunglasses to a sporty sling bag, from my favorite perfume to my travel notebook I have packed it all. The bag of toiletries has a face-wash, sun cream, lenses, kajal, lip gloss and the essential oils I can’t do without. And of course, passport and one more identity proof has to be intact.

So, here is my travel bag to Wimbledon….


P.S. This is my first attempt at making a time lapse video. I am sure I will do much better next time.

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