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Durga Puja Celebrations in Faridabad- 5 Must-Visit Pandals

Pandal hopping in Faridabad

When I searched for blogs on ‘Durga Puja Pandals in Faridabad’, I did not find any. This year, I decided to find some for myself and write a blog that could help others like me. I have been living in Faridabad for 11 years now but still I had never visited a Durga Puja pandal before this because I would always travel to Noida or Delhi. I am an ardent devotee of Maa Durga and I always look forward to the festival of Durga Puja. While the ten days of Navratras are celebrated differently in many states, my favorite is how the Bengali community captures the ‘pujo vibes’. The dhak, dhunuchi dance, and the daily celebrations around the Gorgeous Durga maa idols in the themed pandals take the anticipation and excitement to another level. The enthusiasm, energy, and vibes associated with the Durga Puja festival are one-of-its-kind in the whole country. No place remains untouched by the festive exuberance. And there is no fun without pandal hopping. As a child, I fell in love with the idea of going from one pandal to another to worship Durga protimas and the appreciation for it has stayed. I was always blown away by the cheerfulness that thrived inside the pandals – dance, music, new clothes, good food, and community feeling. It was a feeling that brought immense joy to me but was difficult to describe in words. Even today, I never miss a chance to explore the small and big pandals around my location. If pandal hopping is your favorite thing too and you live in Faridabad, Haryana, this blog is just what you have been looking for. Below, I share pictures from 5 must-visit pandals in Faridabad.

5 Must-Visit Durga Puja Pandals in Faridabad
Faridabad Kalibari

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5 Durga Puja Pandals that I visited in Faridabad in 2022

I wished to visit the lavish Durga Puja pandals in Delhi but due to some reason, we couldn’t travel far. So I insisted on exploring the pandals in Faridabad this time. At first, we were not sure where to start but when we took help from Google, it suggested Kali Bari at Sector 16. Husband and I began from there and soon, the other people guided us for more. This way, we were able to see not one but 5 Durga puja pandals in Faridabad. You must begin from Faridabad’s Kalibari in Sector 16 and Durga Badi in NIT. Faridabad is not a city where Durga Puja is one of its prime festivals but yet the Bengali communities in the city have been doing their celebrations. I got to see a perfect amalgamation of modern puja and old sabeki (traditional) ways. Also, it was fun to be part of Dhunuchi dance at the Gurudwara Sabha, Sector 7, and Durgabadi in NIT, Faridabad. On Saptami, I visited 2 pandals in Faridabad. On Ashtami, I covered another 3 in my city. On Navami, I also visited Gaur city and Shipra Suncity in Greater Noida. So if you are looking for more, go there as well.

1. KALIBARI, Sector 16, Faridabad

Durga Puja pandal hopping in Faridabad
Beautiful Dugra Protima at Kalibari in Faridabad

2. SpringField, Faridabad

Durga Puja celebrations in Faridabad
The community center at SpringField had this lovely idol of Durga Maa

3. Gurudwara Sabha, Sector 7

Durga Puja pandals in Faridabad
This is where it was fun to see the locals enjoy group Dhunuchi dance!

4. Durgabadi, NIT Faridabad

Where is Durgabadi in Faridabad?
Durgabadi, NIT, Faridabad

Dhunuchi dance competition in Faridabad
A lady performing Dhunuchi dance during competition at the Durgabadi, Durga puja celebrations.

5. Sector 29. Cultural Association, Faridabad

This one was the tallest Durga maa protima in Faridabad!

India is a land of beautiful festivals. Don’t miss the local celebrations in the coming year. Enjoy! And do share more places in Faridabad where Durga Puja celebrations take place. I would like to visit them next year.

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