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The IronHill experience in Vijayawada

Places to eat i Vijayawada

Let me share my experience of Ironhill in Vijayawada.

If you thought my days are dramatic and full of travels because I am a travel blogger, that is just one part of my personality. I also live a nomadic life as a consultant’s wife. So while my spouse lives a life out of suitcase and travels to places, I don’t like being left behind. Last week I was in Manama in Bahrain, this week, I am in Vijayawada in the state of Andhra Pradesh, after a quick 1 day halt in New Delhi. So what has brought me to this city? Well, a new project has brought hubby to Vijayawada and he has been living here for a month now. I thought this is the best opportunity to join him and explore a new city.

Exploring Things to do in Vijayawada
Ironhill in Vijayawada has an interesting decor!
Cute caricatures

First impression of Ironhill Vijayawada

Well, I am yet to make a first impression of the city because I flew in on Wednesday night itself and have not really stepped out much (its hot in the day), I do have a foodies insight to begin with. In the last two days, I have eaten idli, sambhar, egg dosa, chicken biryani from some of the places that my husband has explored already and it is not hard to conclude that food is a delight of the city. Andhra Pradesh is known for its rich and spicy food. I am aware that Vijayawada has some delicious curries (Mulakkaddu, Royyala iguru, Mamsam iguru, Andhra Matha) and melt-in-the mouth Sunnundalu (sweet laddu made of lentil, jaggery and ghee). So I am up for some extra pounds. Also, I have heard there are truckloads of wall art here so I can’t wait to click them all.

Iron Hill Brewery is good!

On Thursday night, I had an opportunity to visit Iron Hill Brewery. This was my first outing in the city, of course after travel from airport to Diva suites apartment hotel. And I must say I quite liked the vibes of the city and the restaurant. As far as the Vijayawada, the city of victory is concerned, I will talk about it later but the brewery didn’t fail to impress. A small water area, lots of scrap metal work, hanging lamps, mild lights, book racks, art on the walls, antique collections on the walls, not-so-loud music and brewery tanks were some of the things to look out for in the first ten minutes. The ground floor is for stags and the first floor makes for families. My husband was seated on the first floor with friends and soon I joined the table. It was his colleague’s birthday party and we were there to celebrate it.

I liked this lamp made from scrap materials
Barbecued Pineapple
Barbecued Pineapple

They have a very interesting menu card too, like a food tabloid. Since all of us were very hungry, our attention shifted to starters. When the orders were placed, the interested ones went ahead with beer tasting, I got busy with clicking indoor decor pictures. Soon the food arrived and not only did it look good, it tasted good too. We ordered fried vegetable basket, barbecued pineapple, chakna set, peri peri chicken, tandoori chicken lolipop, garlic bread, keema puchka, veg pizza and some sliders. To be fair, I must appreciate their prompt services. As far as the food is considered, most of us were happy about it.

Chakna Set- Just as the name goes..
Chakna Set -Just as the name goes…
Picture of Tandoori Chicken Lolipop at Iron Hill Brewery
Tandoori Chicken Lolipop

The pizza, chicken dishes and the chakna set was really good. I feel they can do better with the keema puchka. I had huge expectations from it. It looked inviting but the spicy water lacked the zing. The puchka with lamb filling tasted nice, it just dint go down well with its paani. Barbecued pineapple was interesting. I don’t consume alcoholic drinks so I will not be able to comment on the beer part. I had my lemonade. What I really liked about the place was that it had good vegetarian stuff on menu and secondly, the restaurant had a quirky feel about itself. There were things to look around and appreciate. The art was cheerful and there were books to read. Since Vijayawada is still in the phase when its trying to offer various entertainment and partying options to the locals and people from other states, I feel Ironhill is a successful attempt. Most of the members on our table were either from Delhi and Mumbai and we love such peppy places. Though I am yet to see more of the city but I liked my first outing.

Keema Panipuri
Keema Panipuri
Iron Hill Brewery -Review
Sliders – We requested for 2 vegetarian and 4 chicken burgers.

We wrapped the meal with brownie with ice-cream and returned home by 11:45 p.m. Uber and Ola cabs are easily available and yes, the city felt safe. Keep following my stories from Vijayawada.

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