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My epic trip to Johannesburg happened in 2016, but it feels complete only now when I have an elaborate article in the JUNE to AUGUST edition of SAEVUS magazine to boast about it. 

I stayed in Jozi for 7 weekends. During my stay there, I not only discovered about South African food, art, and culture but also got a chance to visit Capetown, Pilanesburg National Park, Haartbeespoort, Morenpeng, Soweto and Pretoria.

Below is my elaborate coverage around the wildlife experiences.

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Premier Wildlife magazine of India


A good safari day is part luck and part destiny but there are lessons aplenty in each experience. 

The sun had just decided to call it a day in this part of the world. The puffy clouds were hanging high in the air and the sky looked resplendent in the kaleidoscopic colours of pink, yellow and orange. I had a smug smile on my face.  While I was reminiscing about the activities of the day and thanking God for making my first real African safari well-fitted with numerous animal sightings, there was someone waiting to jump on it prey.


We were about to call it a day at the Pilanesberg National Park.  A friend called us from another side of the park and informed us that by 6 p.m. we must exit the game reserve to avert the penalty. Hubby was at the driver’s seat and I was helping him with the road map. We decided to change our route and aim the nearest exit. The remaining six kilometers to the nearest gate seem the farthest. Just we were itching to reach the exit gate, my ears were alerted with the sound of a muffled rustle and something extraordinary met my eyes. I almost shrieked with joy and pulled in my husband.


‘Look there, what is that?’

We saw the big cat in its full might. It emerged from nowhere. Only our eyes could measure the thrill of the moment when we saw the cheetah accelerate, run at a lightning speed and pounce on the impala that had just passed by. It was a majestic moment and the sight left us gasping. I remembered having read that cheetahs can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3 seconds but it was unbelievable to see it do right in front of my eyes. These big cats are very elusive creatures and it is quite difficult to spot them during the day. This meant that we had got extremely lucky that day.

‘We have to rush back’.



Saevus, magazine, South Africa article
You must check this article in the ‘Travel Away’ Section of Saevus magazine in the June-August edition.


To read more of this elaborate article of 3200 words, you will have to pick your copy of Saevus magazine (A premier wildlife magazine of India). It talks about my five best experiences in Johannesburg and Capetown in South Africa. 

Pilanesburg National, Monte Casino Birds Park, Boulders Colony and more

Exactly, a year ago at this point of time, I was in Johannesburg in South Africa. It was a personal trip for more than a month. I was flying there to be with my husband who was working there for an official project. Since I am a traveller as well as a blogger, I did not want to let go of this opportunity of collaborating with South Africa Tourism. Before the trip, I wrote a mail to them and proposed a collaboration that how we could work together if they sponsored my tickets. After the exchange of many emails, I did crack a deal. And one aspect of this partnership was to submit a story of my experience in a reputed magazine. I am glad I could fulfil it and that is why I say that my South African sojourn feels complete now.

The story talks about my ‘FAVORITE FIVE’ from there

  • Monte Casino Birds Park
  • The Lion and Safari Park
  • Pilanesberg National Park
  • Boulders Colony
  • Table Mountain National Park (TMNP)


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All the pictures used in the article are mine.

Keep travelling… Keep writing….


  1. Congratulations on having you article published in the SAEVUS magazine. Your pictures are wonderful, I understand why they wanted your images in the article too. You got extremely lucky seeing the cheetah! I dream to be featured in a magazine like this one day, if it ever happens I would treasure the magazine too!

  2. Holy cow! Congrats on such a cool accomplishment! SAEVUS magazine looks so helpful for those of us with wanderlust! And those photos areas vivid! Looks like you had an incredible trip!

  3. Wow, what an achievement! congratulations on having your article published. It would be a dream of mine to see my byline in print but I think I need to vastly improve my writing first! The images you captured look incredible (especially the penguin one!) so I can see why they wanted to use them!

  4. Sounds like a really great article. WE will check it out as soon as we can. Thanks for sharing so much information about it

  5. I love the way you are contributing articles in reputed magazines. I saw your article in Saevus magazine in an airport. Wildlife safaris in Africa is my long pending dream. Hopefully I will head there soon.

  6. Wow! You were lucky to see the cheetah in action. Did he catch any of the impala? Congrats on getting printed in SAEVUS. Lovely pics too!

  7. Oh looks like you had an amazing trip! Well done on getting all 3000+ words published. Sadly as I live in Australia I can’t go and get a copy of this magazine.

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