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Mom and Me, Mumma

Thank you Mumma!

MUMMA… Mumma, U are Mine, Most Adorable one…. Mom, I thank you for giving birth to me, for loving me for what I am, for trusting me for my decisions, for encouraging me through my falls and laughing with me and making all my days so wonderful. Mom, when I am away, I miss your …


Daddy Taught Me!!!

This one below, straight from the heart won me a prize.. Yayy!! 10 life lessons I learnt From Daddy   🙂 Ten is too less a number, when twenty eight years it has been. Each day he has smiled, supported and stood steady, oh yes! He is the first charming man of my life, my …


Thank You so much Mum-ma!!

‘I am writing a Tribute to Mom in association with‘ This is the real story of my life that how my Mumma got convinced to my love-story. This is my way of thanking her immensely for gifting me the person of my choice. ALL MUMS ARE SIMPLY THE BEST FOR THEIR KIDS ———–It was …


Nothing less than Soldiers!!!

Who is a Soldier? We all understand, it is the uniformed guy who stands at the country border and makes sure that his country people sleep peacefully.He is one whom we trust that he is there for your protection and he can never let anyone hurt you. He is ever-ready to strike out whenever the …

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