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Necklace -Gulaabi Meenakari

Gulaabi Meenakari (Pink Legacy) of Varanasi

Cheers to the Gulaabi Meenakari of Varanasi – Modern art forms are easily accessible but to enjoy a perspective on high-quality, illustrious, traditional, exemplary work, it becomes important to dig into the roots of Indian art and its patronage. Some of our age-old cities have survived the influence of unique cultures and have thrived as …

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Varanasi’s Unsung Wooden Toy Makers!

(An edited version of the article, ‘ Wooden Toy Makers of Varanasi’ was published in the Rail Bandhu magazine! There is magic in their hands and dedication in their actions. There is solace on their faces and integrity in their demeanour. There is the perspective of art and anticipation of possibilities. My afternoon walk along …

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