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Where To Eat In New York City

There are about a million reasons to travel to New York City. This year I had got my reason too when my blog was approved for the media accreditation for IIFA 2017, which was recently concluded in the Med Statium but to my luck I had to miss on the opportunity. Though I couldn’t plan …

Laakhamaari - A sweet dish made by the Newaris tribe

Nepal And Its Many Flavours

What, Where and All That I Ate in Nepal   Flavours of Travel: While there are many facets to my travel stories, I relish exploring, eating and learning about the local food. In my belief, every dish has a story. I may not be able to decipher it every time but indulging in food is …

Food, Travel, Getaway, Agra


Travel is best enjoyed with great food. My mid-week trip to AGRA was about giving an interesting twist to heritage food and learning over a session with MasterChef.    Cooking is an art but cooking desserts is a master art. I know I am being biased but it is my sweet tooth which is to be …

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