If you are looking for a perfect holiday in Indonesia, read to know how you can spend perfect 10 days in Bali. This was not only my honeymoon trip but also my first international trip. It was indeed special because it changed my perspective about travel and this was my first step to becoming a travel blogger. 

10 days in Bali

10 days in Bali


The honeymoon in culture-rich and cool Bali began at Oasis Lagoon in SANUR.
Oasis Lagoon-It is a newly built hotel and looked absolutely the same as shown in the picture on Agoda site. The coconut drink offered as welcome drink was absolutely refreshing. The hotel was neat and pleasing. I loved it. The memories and taste of its sumptuous and lavish breakfast are still afresh. Highly recommended !!

The hotel was in the centre of Sanur, hardly five minutes walk from the beach. In the evening, I strolled hand in hand with my husband. The market was buzzing with tourists. I could see the Balinese stuff in and around the shops. Both high beat and soft musical notes could be heard from almost every eating place. The tourists had already started making merry. I could see the place was full of small and big eateries all around and each one had placed their special menu boards quite articulately at their doorstep. The first thing that caught my attention, Rice and sea food was on everyone’s platter and it wasn’t pricey too. Indonesian Rupiah has huge denominations, don’t bother about the number of zeroes in the picture.   


Finally we made our way to the beach after the sunset. The sea was loud and strong in the night due to the high tides. We sat there for some time and felt relaxed. It was already time for dinner. While we were grabbing food, it started to rain. It could rain anytime in Bali. Wow! Isn’t it fun. November is called the wet month there but don’t worry the days are sunny.

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The breakfast at the hotel was yum. I love the poolside though I cannot swim. It’s anyways fun to see others splash.
It was time to explore the people and culture outside in the broad daylight. The shops on the road side reminded me of India as the layout was quite similar. The weather was hot and humid. Women love shopping and everything that is displayed fascinates them-True. I explored some hand- made stuff and then we made way to the Sanur beach to have a closer look. The water was calm and composed. There was no water activity at our side except few kids playing with the sand. There were lots of tourists around. We simply relaxed and talked. It was close to meditation. A peaceful Beach is just the right place for a romantic date.                                                             

The Hardy’s Gourmet Supermarket was fun! The four store’s shop had lots of stuff to buy and carry back home.
For lunch I had tangy chicken which was relishing.
Dinner happened at an Indian restaurant- Little India, Sanur.

My honeymoon trip to Bali
Use my experience to plan your itinerary for 10 days in Bali


My husband had a friend in Bali and he offered to take us around.Nothing could be better than this.We started off at 10 in the morning in the friend’s car. We were headed towards the central part of Bali away from the beach line. We reached Besakih Temple, “Bali’s Mother Temple” after 2 hrs. drive from Sanur. It is the largest and the biggest temple in Bali, over 80 shrines together dedicated to various Gods. 

 After the Besakih Temple, then we drove up to Kintamani . We enjoyed the lunch at a hill point while enjoying the view of the volcano of Mt. Batur and its lake. The view was awesome. The cool breezes made the trip all the more pleasant and it started to rain. On the way back to Sanur we waded through the rural part of Bali, UBUD. The  art of Bali could be seen widely in Celuk, theSilver market of Bali or known as the center of traditional gold and silver smith. Next was Mas, the village of wooden sculpture.  Beautiful wood work was displayed on both sides of the road.

From my 10 Days trip in Bali, here are some of my favorite photos of Bali.



The adventure of the day began with a ride(on a rented bike) to the most happening place of Bali, THE KUTA SQUARE and the KUTA BEACH. Finding our way through the road signs, we reached KUTA BEACH in 40 minutes. The market place was full of hustle-bustle. It was easy to locate that it was the Kuta Square. All international eateries were available at one place. The KUTA beach was away at the turn of the market road. The first thing that one notices is the huge building of Hard Rock Cafe Hotel just opposite the huge water stretch.There were small hills at one side. Coconut trees were lined at the sand beach as far as the eyes could see towards the north. The scenic was lovely and heavenly. I almost jumped with joy on seeing the huge waves rising high in the air. The day was Sunday and the beach was bustling with people, both tourists and locals. We had read about beautiful sunset that one gets to watch here at the beach and the picture says it all. This place is known for some great surfing experiences.

Adventure activities in Bali!

10 days in Bali
10 Days in Bali gave me a perfect chance to get acquainted with its deep-rooted culture.



This day, we set out to explore the art and culture of two more temples GOA GAJAH and TANAH LOT. I fell in love with Tanah Lot because of its mesmerizing sunset view. We stayed there for long,offered prayers at the holy spring, watched the sun spread its brilliance before getting lost in the vastness of the sea. We did it all along with hundreds of people. Its a famous tourist attraction. Enjoyed some corn cob,explored the flee market inside the temple premises. The day turned out to be extremely good. Late night we returned to our hotel. The stint at Sanur was over.



We shifted to our second hotel RAMADA in the newer and sophisticated part of BALI, NUSA DUA.

Ramada was grand like its other hotels in other countries. There was lots of indoor fun activities and games which  kept us occupied for the whole day and then the beautiful NUSA DUA beach was right in front of the hotel. NUSA DUA means new BALI.


We went to Geggar Beach the next day. There was free pick and drop bus service from the hotel.it was 20 minutes from the main city. It was situated in a secluded part and we could see lot of construction taking place around. Very soon five-star hotels would mushroom all around. The day was spent in a relaxing way with some water activities. The beach was heavily crowded and mostly everyone was basking in the sun and enjoying dip in the sea. I could see tourists from all over the world in Bali and especially lots of people from Australia and Asia. From Geggar beach we were back again to  NUSA DUA.



Our visit coincided with Mr.Barack Obama’s visit and Bali was on high alert. He was there in Bali for 19th ASEAN Summit which was to be held in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center in the Nusa Dua Resort complex. It was near to the BALI collection, the biggest shopping centre or Mall in Bali. We went there and this was the place where we saw the glimpse of Bali in its new avatar. This place had more than 100 designer shops.

10 days in Bali
Besakih Temple


Before leaving Bali, I wanted to go to KUTA again.We also went to Badung, an old and traditional market of Bali which is open for all 24 hours. We had heard it is the oldest and the most crowded market of Bali and one could find everything here. Here we were lucky to see the natural Bali, the people and the traditional culture of it. We bought lovely gifts and paintings for our loved one’s from there. From there we headed back to the beach, the place I wanted to see before leaving. We had loved it so much, the beach, the sunset, the market. Would love to go back to Bali for Kuta again. In the night we had a candle light dinner while enjoying the Balinese dance.

DAY 10 & 11

It was packing time. I had one more day which I kept for chilling out but I was feeling sad as I dint want to leave the place. It had been such a lovely holiday. On 10th and 11th day, we kept strolling around and did lots of shopping. On 12th day, we reached the airport and it was time to bid goodbye to Bali. The US fighter jets and aircraft’s were right there at the run way and I saw them just before we were ready to take off from the Denpasar airport.

The sunsets in Bali are magical
Balinese Sunset 

Happy Travelling!!

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