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Shah Rukh Khan’s #BeMyGuest Video with DUBAI TOURISM is riveting!


The concept of King Khan extending a personal invitation to everyone on behalf of Dubai is interesting, exciting, thrilling and absolutely winning. Who wouldn’t love to explore DUBAI and be a guest of Shah Rukh Khan? I must applaud Dubai Tourism for playing the best marketing card and getting it all right.


If you have not seen the #BeMyGuest film by Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTCM) yet, you must see it immediately. I insist! Now…..




How would it feel to be SHAH RUKH KHAN’S guest in DUBAI?



The video just made me nostalgic!!!

Not everyone would take the video seriously but those who have met him and I definitely know what it feels to meet King Khan in Dubai.He is simply adorable and one can never get enough of him.

I have had my good luck and I know how it feels to meet him in real. 

Last time, when I was there in November 2015, the Badshah of Bollywood was also there to promote his film DILWALE.  A lot of promotions were taking place around the city but I did not get lucky at any of the malls but when he came for the Filmfare party and walked through the red carpet of DIFF 2015, I thanked all my stars for that one splendid moment. 

I can never thank Dubai enough for giving me my fan girl moment with Shah Rukh Khan.

What fun it would be to discover DUBAI with SHAHRUKH KHAN and meet him once again.  I am daydreaming about it already and I do not want anyone to pinch me.  







Ticket to Dubai
Dubai Global Village



I found the campaign promising for many reasons….

The Badshah takes over the screen sensuously and the magical spell sets in. I bet his fans will love it for many more reasons!!


While Shah Rukh Khan rediscovers the inspiring city in a whole new way, he helps us to see the Emirate in a totally new light. ( I know it well from my own experience – Old Dubai to the highest, largest and biggest places in the city)


There are definitely many reasons to visit the city but I think no one can give you better reasons to be there than King Khan himself. The video shows how people were stunned to see him at random places all around the city. There is no doubt about it that people love him in India, in Dubai and everywhere.


He has a home there. He loves the Emirate and it shows in the video. Everything is true and touching about the video. The biggest actor of Bollywood makes it look absolutely appealing and no one but him knows how to convince everyone to travel to Dubai. 


The whole concept appeals to the traveler in me! Then I am sure it touches you too somewhere. It creates a personal connect and it inspires us to travel to DUBAI. What else do we need?


From showing around the Old Souks, to jogging on the beach, to skydiving, to shopping in the malls, to cooking for his guests, he can be seen doing so many things. This shows that Dubai has a variety for its guests.


Dubai loves Bollywood and Bollywood loves Dubai too. The video strengthens the relationship between India and Dubai too.


For all these years if you have had an impression that Dubai is superficial, this video will definitely make you think again.



How would it feel to be Shahrukh khan's guest in Dubai?







Why DUBAI had been playing on my mind these days?


Because Facebook has been constantly reminding me that I was in Dubai last year during November-December 2015.  The visit to Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Dubai Musuem, Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Miracle Garden, Global Village has been coming back to me through pictures.  Gosh! It has already been a year. It seems the wonderful memories from Dubai International Film Festival, 2015 never died down for me. My month long stay to explore the nook and crannies of Old Dubai was one-of-its-kind experience. Everything smells of freshness as if it was about yesterday.


Meeting SHahrukh in Dubai
I have fond memories of seeing Shahrukh Khan walk the red carpet for the FEMINA event at DIFF 2015


Last year it happened at Dubai International Film Festival


My 10 favorite reasons to visit DUBAI again and again!


To be able to fearlessly roam around. As a girl, I felt safe even when I was all alone on the road at 11 p.m.

To walk around Bur Dubai and Dubai Creek.

To stare at the Burj Khalifa and be inspired

To watch the beautiful dancing fountain show next to the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.

To experience the Desert Safari

To walk Around Ibn Battuta Mall

To be lost in the Prettiness of Dubai Miracle Garden

To jog, jump and party at ‘THE BEACH’ and ‘THE WALK’

To go barbecuing with my friends who have moved to DUBAI

To shop from the classy Dubai Airport



By the Dubai Creek in the day



Shahrukh Khan's #BeMyGuest
Dubai Creek in the night!



P.S. –  This is not a sponsored post! I adore Shah Rukh Khan and I love Dubai.  





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