The Kashmir valley is one of the most beautiful places in India and Srinagar is among its star attractions. For years, I had itched to see this beautiful part of India but it was only last year that I got lucky. I not only got an opportunity to experience the gorgeous vibes of Gulmarg but also discover the serenity of Srinagar. I stayed there for a week and the duration of my visit was very interesting because it gave me a chance to attend the magnificent tulip festival that takes place in Srinagar every year.

Tulip festival, Kashmir
Tulip festival takes place at Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar
Srinagar, Tulip festival
If you are visiting Srinagar in April, you must check out this festival.

The Tulip Festival of India

The famed Tulip Festival is the only one of its kind in India. It is organized in the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden in Srinagar, one of the must-visit tourist places in Kashmir during the festival. It’s considered to be the largest tulip garden in Asia. Colorful tulips bloom in spring every year and add to the gorgeousness of the landscape. Apart from tulips, one may spot daffodils, hyacinths, and ranunculus as well, along with sprawling vistas of the nearby Dal Lake. The festival usually takes place in the month of April and makes a great reason for attracting a number of national and international tourists.

If you love nature, especially flowers, you will love the variety here. I totally loved it. The picturesque setting around the garden makes it an enriching experience. People come in bunches here. Families and friends come together and enjoy spotting different kinds of tulips. These include standard tulips, lily-flowering tulips, Rembrandt tulips, double-bloom tulips, bi-colored standard tulips, parrot tulips, and many more varieties. Nature lovers, photography aficionados, and flower enthusiasts have a special reason to be here. Even kids are delighted as they run around the garden while learning about different tulips. Indeed, it is one of the top places to visit in Srinagar.

Tulip garden, Srinagar
Gorgeous settings of the Tulip garden, Srinagar
Tulip festival, Kashmir
The tulip spread covers almost an area of 5 hectares of land.

Facts file

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden is a huge garden spread over an area of 30 hectares. The festival covers almost an area of 5 hectares of land. The garden is a beautiful one and has one of the most vantage locations in the city. It is watched over by the Zabarwan range and is closely located near the famous, Dal Lake. If you in Srinagar, you should definitely not miss the chance. If you are planning to visit Kashmir, this can be one of the most perfect timing and a great reason to be there. The gorgeous tulips were give you some amazing photo opportunities. Several other programs and events are organized to put up a perfect blend of natural and cultural heritage.

  • How to reach

The Tulip Garden is close by if you are staying anywhere in and around the Dal Lake. One may opt to head to the garden by taxi from the houseboats on Dal Lake. Regular taxis ply to the location and it will hardly take about 15 minutes to complete the journey. If you stay around, it gives you more time to explore the beautiful places.

  • Entry fee

The entrance fee for the garden is INR 50 for adults and INR 25 for children.

  • Timing

This garden opens at 9:00 AM and shuts at 7:00 PM, allowing for a full day of exploration. It also offers you a wide time frame to choose from, which is important when you are traveling with kids.

Tulips are mesmerizing flowers and it’s so lovely to know that they may be seen right here in India. Moreover, they are unique flowers that are found only in Kashmir. Until now, we are sure your kids would only have seen them in textbooks and drawn them for art assignments in school. It’s time to see them live as they dance in their home! This is why the Tulip Festival of Kashmir should not be missed during the upcoming family vacations.

Festivals of India, Flowers
This is one of its kind flower festival.
Travel, Kashmir,Tulips
One of the many reasons to visit Kashmir!

I must tell you!

A lot of people might discourage you from visiting Kashmir. Even the media keeps reporting so many things that you really need guts to plan a trip to that part of India. But trust me the truth is different. Nobody has qualms with tourists. Gulmarg is absolutely safe and friendly. You might feel a little uncomfortable in Srinagar initially, but the beauty of the place will take away all the inhibitions. The locals are extremely helpful and welcoming.


I had visited Kashmir for a media trip and my arrangements were differently done. But my Aunt and Uncle had a comfortable stay at RK Sarovar Portico, resort in Srinagar, an affiliate of Club Mahindra, which is located about 12 minutes away, with regular taxis connecting it to the Tulip Garden. Club Mahindra has a houseboat option too. Read though the Club Mahindra reviews by our happy members about how they enjoyed their holidays.   

Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir
You must visit the Dal Lake


Its time to book family’s date with the tulips, today!

Happy Travelling!!

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