Street art in Ghent

Let us time travel to a beautiful day in August 2019, when I visited the Belgium city of Ghent. It is a small and pretty city with river Lys, lots of abbeys, cathedrals, castles, guildhalls, historical buildings and street art, making it a perfect catch for a one day getaway. Ghent is also known as the cultural and historical center of Flanders in Belgium, so you can even be there for more than a day. I was accompanied by my friend who lives in Brussels and we thoroughly invested our Sunday there. We opted for an early morning train and reached Ghent in 40 minutes. It really helped us to explore the city on foot and at our ease. In this post, I would like to introduce you to the famous graffiti street in Ghent and a couple of more street art works. If you are a street art fan like me, Ghent is the city to visit. But currently, since we are all in quarantine and will not be travelling soon, let us discover the city’s colourful art and famous Ghent Graffiti street through my eyes.

Ghent is absolutely vibrant!
I loved Ghent’s historic buildings, river Lys and its charming cobbled streets.
ANNO 1838 Ghent
Spotted this interesting work of art while I walked from the railway station towards the city center.
Before it fades away, you must see the art work of Ghent on my travel blog
Ghent has a spontaneous art scene and quite different too than Brussels and Antwerp

Gravensteen (Castle of the Counts), Saint Michael’s bridge and Graffiti street !

So you know my favorites from Ghent. But actually there is much more. The city is rich in Neo-Gothic and baroque interiors and medieval guild houses. And it also has great food and great art. If you have heard of Gruut Beer, you must know it comes from Ghent. Interestingly, Thursdays in Ghent, are known as Donderdag Veggiedag —  Veggie Day. Half of the city restaurants and the locals try and practice vegetarianism on Thursdays.

While one of the world’s earliest oil paintings, “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb” can be seen inside the gorgeous St Baafskathedraal”, one can also have a good time in MSK art gallery. But if you want more interactive and modern day art work, just stroll around. There is so much on the walls and in the vibrant streets of Ghent. A large part of the city center is car-free so one can easily enjoy the walk.

One must stand, admire and invest some time to make the most of the murals of Gent.
One must stand, admire and invest some time to make the most of the murals of Gent.
Enjoy these beautiful works from the comforts of your couch!
Ghent has a very spontaneous art scene
What does this art work mean to you?

Graffiti street

Ghent is known as a city where there is lot of respect for art. A lot of artists live there. A lot of locals artists display their work. Even international artists come over to do their stuff. And most importantly the city also offers dedicated space for artwork. Some 5 years back, an art project Sorry Not Sorry  gave birth to lots of murals around the city and changed the art scene in Ghent. Today, the city has a thriving art scene and there is lots to discover if you are an art lover like me. So why wait, let me show you all that I have got through my lens.

This street is absolutely opposite Novotel hotel in Ghent. You don’t have to ask anybody. Just google it and you will be there. But anyways until we come out of this lockdown period, there is no need to travel at all. Enjoy it all here with me, as I reminisce my trip.

Its just the place every art lover would want to be in
One place that every art lover would want to be
Brighten your mood with these colors!
Murals cheer me up
Murals cheer up a dull boring wall!
One of the brightest windows
Splash of colors -Ghent Graffiti Street!
Enjoy quarantine travel with my travel blog
What can be a better way to enjoy street art during quarantine?
Quarantine travel blog
Some interesting masterpieces on the walls
Time is running street art
Time is running art work!

Last one is my favorite. Time is actually running! Just enjoy whatever you have in hand. Right now, its tough under lockdown but let us enjoy the time. Hope you enjoyed this virtual street art walk in Ghent. Keep reading for more colorful stuff.

Thank you Nancy Ma’am for clicking all my pictures.

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