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Now that I have already said it in my book, it isn’t a secret wish anymore. I would actually love to be a street art curator in an alternate life. I am not sure if there is a profession like that but I would love to. What fun it would be to be paid to travel round the world looking for creative walls? To some extent, I do that even now as a travel writer. Street Art whispers excitement to my belly. I really get excited when I see the walls oozing with colors. Trust me, a lot of hard work and creativity goes in there. So today, I am gonna introduce you to a city which really took me by surprise. When my friend went ga-ga about the street art of Brussels, I wondered what would be so different. There would be huge artistic murals, what else. But I would like to eat my own words because when I saw these huge comic strips right in the middle of the city, I was stunned! Brussels definitely has one-of-its-kind wall art and art lovers will know why. If you are interested too, why don’t you scroll my article and get introduced to the street art of Brussels? The best part is that you can do this virtual street art tour of Brussels from the comforts of your abode.

The unmissable street art of Brussels.

While Berlin is definitely the mecca of urban street art, Brussels has one of the best comic art on its wall, all around the city. Trust me, the Belgian capital is an open street art gallery. There are huge works of art spread all around the city. I was there last year, during this time of the season and in this post I have tried to capture some of the best of the works. I am sure a whole lot of new art will emerge with the moments of pandemic and lockdown life but its never a bad idea to reminisce old memories. These works will always remind me of the amazing Euro trip that I did in 2019.

This post is all about my personal passion for street art, my personal experiences in Brussels and all that I stumbled during my walking trips there. I stayed there for more than 2 weeks. While I was in Belgium, I also travelled to Antwerp, Ghent, Giethoorn in Netherlands, Vienna in Austria, Malta and more.

 Manneken Pis, the infamous peeing statue
Wall Art of Manneken Piss or Peace (Eikstraat) in the same lane where the little statue thrives.

Virtual Street Art Tour of Brussels
Treasure chest of streetart
Adventures of TINTIN are on the walls!
Street Art Curator -Travel Blogger
Enjoy the Virtual Street Art Tour of Brussels of do tell me if you have spotted these.
Virtual Street Art Tour of Brussels
Sablon, Marolles, and Saint-Gilles are the three neighbourhoods where you will find a lot of comic wall art
Virtual Street Art Tour of Brussels
A piece by Jef Aérosol that depicts Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix.
Virtual Street Art Tour of Brussels
Even though you may not be a street art or murals fans, you will love them!
I found this one randomly, right in the middle of residential area, while I was going to Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels
Comic Art in Europe
The Central Brussels is nothing less than an open air museum
Virtual Street art tour in Brussels
There is so much more and I will keep some for the next post!

Do share your experience of street art tour in Brussels. Which one is your favorite? And also which place is really close to your heart when it comes to fascinating street art.

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